Is this your cat?

I came home to find this kitten/young cat hiding under the rosmery plant. He/She has its collar stuck behind one of the front legs. Seems a bit hungry. Gave it some cat food. It is in Hurstbourne road. Im not sure of it is missing but it seems to be in a bit of discomfort. Do you recognise it?


There is a missing tabby called Oprah from Garthorne Rd with a red collar, could this be her? Flyers are up everywhere.

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Here’s the topic on Oprah - I’m not sure it’s the same cat though as this one has white paws.

@janelouise might want to look just in case.

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Ah, thank you for tagging me and for the heads up - sadly that’s not little Oprah, who is still missing - 5 weeks today :sob: - but thanks again.

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