Issue with Grounds & Grapes outdoor seating

The bench and chairs hogging the pavement by Grounds Grapes is starting to become annoying. People passing having to walk around on to road just to get by. You need a license if you want to claim such a big area.
Yet again I also see staff leaving rubbish on floor in black bin bags boxes sometimes exposed because the bin is to full and attracts more litter bugs etc.
Fed up of selfishness from people there I said it loud it’s blunt but needs to be addressed. It does anger me of late how there is always something and yet lack of mindfulness going on.
Watching a lady with a push chair today and 2 elderly people walking round on to pavement not very fair. Also I snaked through to get by ehhh coronavirus alert no social distancing it’s just a joke but I ain’t laughing. Kindly sort this please and maybe take control of matter thank you.
Not trying to be rude here just fed up of all these petty inconsiderate little issues it’s draining.
I get customers should also know themselves but when you plonk a bench near to outdoor sitting area oh well I don’t blame people being confused!!

Yes, I have a some have phoned in to let them know still nothing has been done.
I believed someone did report the bin mess but nothing. I have used this forum before to hopefully get point across. It’s about working together, listening and making clear instructions or reminders. It doesn’t need to be a big drama but feels it is becoming that. Of course I love seeing my local high street buzz beautiful It’s nice feeling.

Is your problem with the tables or the bench? No license is needed to have seats directly outside your premises, same as Donde, Hattush, Two Spoons and The Chandos to name but a few.

The problem is the bench I don’t see any other eating places hogging the pavement. Also any eatery place needs to get approval on how far they should come out etc. Why should those who just passing have to walk around a public walkway?? No fair I am all for the local businesses been busy but where does the line draw? Already accidents happen when people cross the road properly but to walk out on a busy road need I say anymore about the problem it’s causing?

Completely disagree. Walk past this place every day and never had to nor seen anyone having to go of their way to walk past. It’s lovely seeing people sitting out and eating on the high street. Amazed you feel the need to actually complain.


When it gets busy I start taking photos and video it for you to see!! Have a good day.

Your initial post said the seats so I wanted to understand. Sadly no different to the queues for the post office all day across Brockley Rise. Or the buggies queued up outside Le Querce. With only a few weeks of good weather left I feel it’s something we have to tolerate to support these businesses that have had a tough year. Personally don’t see it as an issue and walk past most of these businesses every day.


Kindly don’t assume and confuse my point!! All for supporting my local businesses. Thank you and have a good day!!

What a shame you feel the need to complain about seeing a local business doing well. If it bothers you so much, walk on the other side of the road ! There is absolutely nothing wrong with their seating arrangement. It is Covid compliant and there is space to walk through - I do it myself every day.


I didn’t confuse or assume anything. Your comment re the seats requiring a license is factually incorrect so I wanted to understand the specific nature of your grievance.


The bullies are out to try shut down a valid point how sad I refuse bow down to such behaviour of belittling.
Please enjoy walking on the other side and make sure you are around to tell those who can’t!!

Bullies? I think that’s a step far and I genuinely do not appreciated being called one. You put an opinion on a form to which I asked a question to understand something. I then simply commented saying the same could be said about other businesses and personally I didn’t see it as a problem. You disagree with what I have said and then have called me (and others) bullies.

It’s fine to disagree and have different opinions. Otherwise such forums wouldn’t exist.

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Can we please respect each others viewpoint and comments. If needs be, take 10 and have a tea or coffee.


Perhaps someone could measure/photograph and then we could work out if this is an issue.