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Hi All,

Can anyone recommend a person or company that can help me with occasional business IT support issues?

Trying to add a new user to my Microsoft 365 account and for some reason I don’t seem to have permission to add a user. Losing the will…



Are you logged into as admin. If so you should see the Admin console link under your apps when you login and Add user is under that.


Hi Nick,

Yes logged in to the portal but it looks like I’m a billing admin and there isn’t an option to add a user. I can see all of the users but cant edit or add! The firm that set it all up for me in the first place are listed there as global admin but they seem to have disappeared!


Are there any other admins listed at all. Do you have any details of the firm that set this up?
When they sat the global admin up they should have setup an alternate email, security questions and/or a telephone number to recover the account. If you cannot get hold of the person who did all the work on this and they are the only admin then you could try to recover the account.
So sign out of 365.
Go to
enter the global admin email (should be something like, fill in the captcha and you should see options to recover the password. If you are lucky they set it up to go to an email you use or the company uses or perhaps a telephone number???
ETA - there should also be another admin setup along the lines of - try that as well.


Hi Nick,

Thanks really appreciate it, no other admins set up and they seem to have gone out of business so will give the reset a go.

Thanks again!


No worries and all the best.
If it comes to it you might have some luck with Microsoft. I have heard people regaining control of their 365 account BUT you really have to have control over your domain name. They might require you to add a record to the domain that they can query it on the net to prove you have ownership and control …