Italian fennel sausage


When Il Mirto closed, someone mentioned another place in the area where one can buy Italian fennel sausage like Il Mirto sold. Does anyone recall where that was?


Yesssssss. On news of closure I stockpiled at il Mirto’s (apologies for that one Saturday I bought all the stock). I’ve about run out.

I have been told Costco do a really good Kirkwood-branded Italian sausage and plans are afoot for a visit. But I’d much prefer a locally made and locally provided seller.


I’ve heard Waitrose sometimes have it in stock but that requires a trip to Beckenham or Grove Park. There is another deli in Lewisham I’ve been meaning to check out as well.


I asked an Italian pop-up restaurant guy (shout out to Peppeckish/Giuseppe in Brockley) about this a few months back - here is his reply! Hope that helps all :slight_smile:

Hi Jon
Lovely to hear from you
I do make my mix with good minced pork and fennel seeds. You see because it’s a ragù I need a the meat rather than the sausage itself.
However one of my trusted butcher is the one in Peckham called flock and heard. They do good meats and they do Italian sausages too.
Also I know there is an old school deli in Lewisham called Gennaro’s and some Italian friends told me that he does sell that. But I have never been there
Good luck


Like Giuseppe I’m usually skinning the sausage for its contents. In harder times, I used to emulate an Italian sausage by adding some rosemary and fennel seed to a Lincolnshire sausage. About a tsp of each to your average 450g pack. It works but never quite the same. Plus there is something about the quality of pig fat you get in proper ones that you can never from using pork mince unless you’ve just paid a fortune on Iberico or the like.

I’ve been told Gennaro’s is very good but I’ve not been yet. I’ve been using Lina Stores in Soho (close to work) for my Italian deli goods. But they don’t have fennel sausage. BTW… I was told Gennaro’s is now called Antonio’s.


Thank you all. I’m fairly sure it was Gennaro’s in Lewisham that was mentioned when Il Mirto closed.


Gennaro’s have it. A super kind and local community leader often seen on Twitter and Facebook remembered a Twitter convo I was having when she passed the shop yesterday. A request for my address saw her son deliver a pack later that evening.

It was a kindness to brighten my evening particularly as she and I have not met yet IRL.


Great! I will go over there.


me too. used up the last of my stock of Il Mirto ones on Monday.