Jenner Health Centre Closing Carpark for Vaccinations

Hi All,

I’ve just recieved a text from the Jenner Health Centre advising that they are going to start running a COVID vaccination clinic (great news!). However as part of this they are closing their carpark (vaccinations will not take place in the carpark) and are asking patients to park on neighbouring streets.

We live on St Germans Road and already struggle with cars using this as a cut through from Brockley Rise to the South Circular, and already have cheeky drivers who sometimes block access to our drive. I can only imagine this will make the issue worse.

Does anyone have any ideas of who we could speak to about this? There has been no consultation with neighbouring roads and no advance notice until now.

Thanks in advance!

I don’t recall that COVID19 consulted widely before it arrived.


In fairness the message says please allow enough time to find parking on surrounding roads.

Their main concern will be ensuring people are there on time for their vaccinations as this is a numbers game they will want a queue and but not people turning up late and to get through as many as possible each day - suspect parking is fairly low on their agenda.

Not sure who you could speak to really, or more to the point what could be done? I think it might be a grin a bare it type scenario which I know is not the answer you are looking for.

As an aside blue badge holders can still park in the car park.


Slightly aside, but relevant to the Jenner, from

A positive step forward.


Hey David,

Sorry if I’ve come across in a way that wasn’t intended. Im totally in support of getting the vaccines rolled out and think it’s a great step forward.


You are probably right, just concerned about the impact and how long it will go on for. To reiterate I think its a great step in the right direction, just hoping there might be some way to discourage people from using all of the local roads as parking for the surgery on an ongoing basis.

Don’t worry @Ruthydoo, some of us understand your concerns are about traffic/parking and not a complaint about using the Jenner as a vaccination centre.

Unfortunately St German’s Road is going to be the obvious first choice when trying to find a parking spot. I’m not sure what else the Jenner can do, other than perhaps make clear that patients may need to park some distance away and allow (say) at least 15 minutes to find a parking space and walk to the clinic. Or to walk if they live nearby.

A lot depends on how big the catchment area is - they might be coming from miles away and don’t know the area. From local knowledge I would probably suggest parking in Colfe/Kilmorie/Elsinore.

I wonder if they’re going to use the car park for queuing?

If St William of York or the other nearby education centre are closed, could their car parks be used?

From Google Street View it looks like there’s parking for up to 10 cars in front of St William of York school in Brockley Park and there doesn’t appear to be a gate. Does anyone know if local people are already parked there?

The adult education centre on the corner of Brockley Rise and Brockley Park has car parking but it’s gated and would require a caretaker to unlock/lock the gates, so I think that’s a no-go.

The car park at St William of York is used by teachers and other school staff. As it must still be open - for children of keyworkers and vulnerable children - I would guess that there will be few spaces available there.

The queue was giant today! I’m glad to see people getting the vaccination as London is so vulnerable to spreading the new strains.

Keeping these ‘at risk’ people out in the cold whilst waiting seems dangerous- is there anything we can do for then?

Obviously offering the usual cups of tea is off the cards.


The Jenner queue was on the BBC1 10pm news!

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It’s problematic. My mother had her vaccination yesterday in my hometown and they were queuing outside. When she got inside and they were taking her temperature it was too low to register on the thermometer! And the queue was much longer when she left. I completely appreciate how hard it is for the surgeries and we are incredibly grateful that my parents practice has already done both vaccinations at the 3 week interval but I do worry about very vulnerable people out in the cold. Perhaps they could do the injections in closed pubs that have patio heaters!

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Brewdog’s team have offered up their venues nationwide as vaccination centres. They say they have the space, and refrigeration, and are willing to help with support staff. And immediately they were torn down on Twitter for attempting to use Covid as a marketing ploy. Damned if you try to help, damned if you don’t!


What a shame. Could have been a good option.

I’m horrified by twitter at the moment. Have deleted it from my devices! Too negative and confrontational!


Being outdoors is better to prevent the spread of Covid, and I guess with social distancing even a short queue takes up a lot of space.

Other than advice to wrap up warm, arrive on time and take a thermos, I can’t see an easy solution to this one.

That said, when I got a flu-jab late last year the whole thing was so streamlined that I only had to wait a couple of minutes, so maybe that’s the aim.

I do like the idea of vaccination in a pub though - perhaps grab a hot toddy on the way out!

Quite a queue outside FH Post Office this morning too… it’s not just the Jenner (though I guess people making ASOS returns are more there by their own choice!)


Nevermind extra parking in St German’s Road, people were actually queuing in St German’s Road! There’s a link to a video of the queue in this article:

Take your own chair would be my advice. And an umbrella - it’s due to rain next week.

Wowsers, that is terrible. They must improve that situation.

No queue there this morning, but perhaps they aren’t vaccinating yet or at weekends?

My 90 year old FiL has had his second jab. He was expecting a queue and got one. Like many sensible older people he had prepared for that, had a warm coat, hat and gloves and had taken his book.

I am sure better facilities would be great, but there’s are unusual times and I am meeting none of the elderly getting the vaccine would have been complaining that much.

Maybe as time goes by improvements will be made but I am pretty sure most vaccine hubs are more interested in getting the vaccine distributed than ensuring the comfort of the vaccinated.

Wrap up warm!