Jewish in Forest Hill?

Hi all, apologies for the appallingly late notice but I’m hosting a garden shabbat service at 6.30 tonight (Friday), together with some others from South London Liberal Synagogue in Streatham, we’ve discovered there’s a little cluster of us in SE23. It’ll be laid back, with singing and tea & cake afterwards. Get in touch if you’d like to attend and i can send you the address. There are some other garden shabbatot scheduled so if you can’t make tonight but are interested, I can send you details.

Shabbat shalom




I’ve been wondering if there was a Jewish community around here. Excuse me for the slightly off-topic reply - I’m not Jewish but I’ve been trying to track down (a) a good recipe for challah and (b) somewhere in London I can buy chicken schmaltz. If you can help with either I’d be grateful!

I cant help on the Challah but Sainsburys sell (or used to sell) schmaltz in the Bell Green store.


Hi Lianna

Can’t be there tonight but would love to be notified of future events. Thanks, Einat

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Hi Lianna, we would be interested if you can let me know about future events. Thanks!

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I have a great challah recipe. I can DM it to you once I have found it.


I’d be interested-I’m a lapsed jew can’t read hebrew I’m afraid but would still love to have a connection to the religion I was born into.
And attend the occasional shabbat service
Its hard to go to services for things like Yom Kippur etc when you’re not a member of a synagogue


Hello all,

@FaeryCatmother, my partner uses this challah recipe and it is AMAZING:

@Einat / @Maxrocks / @Appletree - hi! Can you please DM me your email addresses and I can let you know of future shabbat get togethers? Sometimes we do a garden service, sometimes we just have a bring and share meal and kiddush.

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Hi, I was out of town this weekend but would also love to be know about future events.

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Really sorry but I don’t know how to DM on this site and can’t find any info in the instructions.

Hi Appletree, click on the person you want to DM’s icon and this will open up their profile. On there is the option to DM.

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I’m confused I clicked on the icon and all I got was a ‘message’ logo didn’t know if it was a DM or if I’d be posting my email for all and sundry on the forum to see.
Is the envelope message sign the DM one???

I will get Chris to have a look at this for you. My setup is slightly different. Can I also suggest you look I’m the FAQ section which will have an ‘how to pm’ section. John

@maxrocks and @appletree, sorry for the lack of information on how to PM. I’ll add a guide to this.

In summary, click on the person you’d like to PM - this should bring up a box (or new page if you’re on smartphone). Click the Message button. This will be a private message that only the recipient can see.

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You’ll also know it’s a message rather than a forum post because it will look more like an email - there will be a box at the top showing who the message is going to, and then a subject line. The blue box to send the message will say ‘message’ rather than ‘reply’.

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