Jhakaas – new Indian takeaway/delivery on Brockley Rise

Just seen details of this new takeaway online. Looks like an interesting ‘fine dining’ menu – friends have spoken highly of their restaurant in West Dulwich, so I’ll be giving it a go soon.


Thanks for sharing. Their West Dulwich restaurant is great! Nice to have more local options for good Indian food.

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Looks great, been walking past it daily and saw the sign up this morning and wondered if they were open.

Interestingly the Dulwich restaurant just won Asian Restaurant of the Year 2021:

According to their Instagram, Chef Dayashankar Sharma is also behind Jhakaas.

Good evening all,

First and foremost, I would like to say it is an absolute pleasure to be in this lovely neighbourhood. Asposter Jhaakas is our fine dining concept which offers our guests the exclusive option of home dining. Essentially, fine dining brought to the comfort of your own home. Jhaakas proceeds Heritagedulwich as one poster rightly pointed out; the brainchild of chef Dayashankar Sharma.

A little brief introduction of Jhaakas:

Jhaaks originally a Marathi word now adopted in Mumbai’s street lingo’ which roughy translates to ‘fantastic’ in English.

Jhakaas features indulgent homestyle cooking and captures the authentic taste and essence of the four big metropolitan cities in India (Delhi, Bombay, Caluctta & Chennai)

The menu is designed around a contemporary spin on Indian food whilst paying homage to the culinary origin and culture of India.

We will be offering our guests the chance to purchase bottled chutneys and marinades.

We look forward to offering our cuisine to the lovely residents of Brockley/Honor Oak.

Warmest regards,

Jhaakas team.