Jim Dowd (Lewisham West & Penge MP) Retiring - May 2017


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There’s now a topic that will list our local general election candiates as they’re announced.

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Looks likely from this Huffington Post piece that Ellie Reeves will be the candidate to replace Jim Dowd.


So far as I can make out, she is on the right of the party and opposed Brexit?


It seems Ellie Reeves has the nomination. Willlook forward to catching up with her.


Not a Corbynista, but I don’t think that amounts to being on the right


I gather she was the choice of the unions as well.


As a barrister specialising in employment law, who has been on the NEC for some years, you can see why.

She’s obviously going to be attacked as part of the previous Labour Party establishment - married to one MP, sister to another - but I think the Labour Party needs the sort of professionalism such experience is likely to bring.


I am thrilled that the NEC has picked up a great local candidate, Ellie Reeves, whom I have know personally well before this election. I actually wrote to NEC saying that a local connection in our case should be considered imperative as we had a few outstanding local members who applied for the post.


Deadline for nominations for General election is 4th May 4pm, therefore we should know the full candidate list soon after.


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I’ve just remembered the local Conservative office is on D Rd, I’ll give a knock when I see someone in there to ask when their candidate will be announced.