Job wanted by reliable, conscientious, hard-working local woman. Can start immediately

I am a 50 something female, a mother of 3 sons who have been raised here and I have been a FH resident since 31st December 1994 so - 25 years and counting! Love it here!
I am an honest, sociable, animal and nature lover, have worked in this borough for almost 10 years, most recently for the NHS as a Healthcare Assistant, at Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Trust. I was a volunteer at the FH community library for around a year. I am basically computer literate, with some general office experience and have also worked in the past in catering (waitress, kitchen porter/assistant) and also within a domestic setting (cleaning, ironing, pet-sitting etc). I am flexible, adaptable and willing to learn new skills or roles. Happy to work alone or as part of a team. Please Note:- I do not/cannot drive!
I am looking for local work. Part-time/flexible/full-time. Anything considered. Please PM me if you have a vacancy you think I might be suitable for. I am available to start immediately.
Regards. Sue


Not trying to be funny or anything, but you’re better off looking on I entered some jobs that fit the description(s) you’ve outlined and there’s work going in Beckenham and Bromley.


Best of luck with your search, and I hope gomething great turns up for you.


I’m self-employed and working. It’s the OP looking for work.

I was messaging her, hit reply at the bottom of the trail…

There are two jobs advertised in Honor Oak shop windows.
Jumping Bean and Sebastion Roche.
Good to see local jobs being advertised for local people!


Were the Dartmouth looking for kitchen staff? I can’t remember. Sainsbury’s in Sydenham is looking for staff to help out on preparing home deliveries.

Best of luck picking something up.


Travis Perkins Forest Hill posted a job for a Tool Hire Customer Service Assistant 2 days ago:


Thanks very much for your suggestions everyone. I am already looking at various job vacancy websites etc. and will be checking the high streets for any ads in shop windows too. My post on here is really for just incase someone local or from a local business reads it who has/knows someone who has vacancies. Thank you all very much, again.


Sue - when I went past Specsavers in Lewisham on Saturday I noticed a hand written note on the door saying they had 2 vacancies for people to run their Catford Call Centre. I didn’t think much of it at the time but then later on remembered someone had posted on the forum about looking for a job. I’m sorry I didn’t take a note of the phone number but have found this link on the Specsavers website but it says optical experience necessary so may not be appropriate for you.

Hope you find something soon.


Thank you very much Christine for thinking of me. Unfortunately I do not have the optical experience. Never mind, something will “come along” :wink:
I am actually helping somebody out with some domestic cleaning currently, so that is great.
Stay safe.


Hi Sue

Have you thought about volunteering to get more experience or studying a course? If you wanted to get into Horticulture or Animal Management Capel Manor (with a site in Crystal Palace and elsewhere in London) still take some applicants as the courses only just started, and dependent on your situation the course can be part of full subsidised I think.

The are volunteering opportunities with places like Blue Cross in Victoria (don’t read the Victoria train thread though…or maybe do), places like the Cinnamon Trust where you walk dogs \ look after animals for those who no longer can for a variety of reasons. You could also register on borrowmydoggy.

As I expect you know there are a websites places you can sign-up for paid cat \ dog \ pet sitting \ walking \ feeding \ holiday stays etc - happy to forward these on if not.

Horticulture wise you have Sydenham Garden who I understand are not taking new volunteers right now due to covid, but may be doing so soon so you could go onto their list. You’d be helping people as well as picking up some skills and experience.

Or just go it alone…not sure if you are on se23 mums, but people were often looking for cleaners, though with covid restrictions I assume that has reduced.

Don’t forget the old mantra that the most successful businesses are not always the best, but the ones who market themselves the best. \ I’m not sure that is a mantra…

Good luck!


@oakr Al, thank you so very much for all the good ideas and info you have gone out of your way to share with me. Much food for thought and very helpful. Really appreciated. :smile:
Keep safe


Hi Sue… this might be of interest.


I saw an advert on the Nextdoor forum about a week ago for London Podiatry (was local I’m sure) for a receptionist?
May be worth looking into. Sorry I don’t have more details. :blush:

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Thank you both @starman and @GillB :wink:

Saw a sign inside the large Sainsburys (Bell Green) advertising vacancies today, both full time and part time, inc night shifts etc, if that’s of interest?


Thank you very much @Goonergal :blush:
I will check that out as soon as I can.
Happily, I was asked to do a (bank) shift today, in my old department at Lewisham Hospital and will do another tomorrow. It was great to see and work with old colleagues again :heart_eyes:


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