John Russell - Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Lewisham West

@JohnRussell has been appointed by the Lib Dems as their prospective parliamentary candidate for Lewisham West.

Well done John :+1:

I’ve put this in this section instead of Politicos as John lives in FH & is part of our FH Library management board & I don’t think he’s opted in to politicos :slight_smile:



Congrats @JohnRussell - political leaning aside, it’s good to see candidates like you who have a long-standing connection with the community and don’t fit the “political bubble” MP stereotype.


Very proud to have @JohnRussell as a good friend & fellow library management board member :slight_smile:

Here’s what he’s been up to today!

I could never do that!

Next week he’ll be coordinating FHFW photography, voluntary of course!

Am so pleased for him as he does so much for our community.

See ya when you get back on Tuesday John, rehearsal at 6.30 20th but still no to becoming our local Cllr - you may change my mind one day though, but you are the one, not me xx

Love your enthusiasm for our community so much mate :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

See ya soon xxx