Join the Forest Hill WI!

Hello neighbours!
Some of you are already aware and members of the Forest Hill Women’s Institute. If you aren’t and are keen to meet a very friendly and curious bunch of women every month, we’d love to invite you to see what we are all about!
We meet the 2nd Monday each month at All Inn One at 8pm. Our topics range wildly from crafting to cocktail making, singing to self defence. You get two free taster sessions before deciding whether to join (at a very reasonable £43 for the year!).
Do drop in to our next session on Monday 14th October where we will be planting succulents in pots that we will guild ourselves.
Or for any questions, just get in touch here or any of the contacts in the photo.
Many thanks :):smiley:

Nadia Elworthy, President of FHWI