(Journalists) Bampton Estate Development

We are Journalism students who are interested in the development and the impact it will have on locals, we will be in Lewisham/Forest Hill this morning if anybody would like to talk to us. Our piece will be published online next week and you’ll be more than welcome to use or share it.

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Kat and the residents have been doing a sterling job protesting this issue.

Kat has also raised an FOI request seeking information on how the council arrived at their decision to proceed to the next stage.

The FOI awaits an internal review by Lewisham Borough Council of their handling of this request as the council has failed to meet its legal obligation to respond within a fixed timetable.

Lewisham have a poor reputation for failing to respond to FOI requests. It should be noted that the have very limited options that permit them to decline to comply - and in most cases they have a mandatory obligation to respond.

Good morning, thank you for your interest in our local problems. Unfortunately i am on my way to work and will not be able to meet with youselves. Morning is probably the least convient time as the majority of local residents are on the way to work. I can meet in the evening, after 6:30 or 7pm and if the day is prearranged, i can inform other residents.

Hello Kat,
Are you free on Monday evening?

Yes, Monday evening is good. Can we meet around 8 pm Monday? Our neighbour from Perry Vale also want to come over and 8pm is the best time for him.

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Fantastic. 20:00 works for us, where would you like to meet? We spoke to some of the other residents on Thursday who said they would like to talk to us on a Monday too.

Thank you! Meeting by the ball court will probably be the best place.
I will spread the word to people I know if they will want to come and chat. See you tomorrow!

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Hi… I don’t know if you’d like to do an update on your article. It maybe of interest that the development is still going on without certain planning permissions in place…

The one for Site Contamination is STILL outstanding and not decided…

And this one for Hard Landscaping has been refused…

But they can carry on with the development!!!

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