Junk mail complaint


This is ridiculous!

3 of each menu through our door. Total waste of paper. Can I complain somewhere??

To name and shame they are from

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Yeah, phone up the restaurants and tell them that their deliverer is wasting their money by posting multiples through each letterbox.
Then get a NO JUNK MAIL sign for your letterbox - it helps, but not 100%.


I recently received duplicate leaflets from the postman on several occasions - these weren’t delivered by him/her were they?

We also had one leaflet dropper recently take their title a bit literally recently. They actually left the leaflets on the ground outside houses.


I’m not condoning the over-exuberant mail drops, but Millennium Tandoori bhajis are awesome!


It depends what your complaint is.


I am mainly annoyed at the environmental impact but on a more basic level our door is clearly labelled “flat 1” so 3 of each is just a total waste


If wasn’t with usual mail


they also have very good hygiene standards.