Keep Blackheath Fireworks going!

I know this is not SE23, but I also know lots of people in SE23 go to it each year.

There is pressure on it this year to make it happen, and to keep it free. It’s an amazing show, one of the best there is, and free! Even better, a local dad who lives in SE23 actual does the display!

There is a crowdfunder here that also puts you in with a chance of pressing the button to start the fireworks - how cool would that be!

I think it normally gets over 80,000 people each year, and they are trying to raise £20,000.

So if you’ve enjoyed it in the past, or want to again, and are able to, I’m sure any donation would be gratefully received, and you could get the chance to start one of the best firework displays going.


Greenwich Council don’t contibute anymore even though people from both boroughs benefit. It’s a great spectacle and I think it’s worth a couple of quid to keep it going.

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I loathe Greenwich council - they’re so corrupt. I’m so happy I live in the Borough of Lewisham. The two boroughs are like night and day. My mum lives in Greenwich - where lap dancing clubs nearly get the go-ahead, every other shop along the Trafalgar road is a betting shop, nail bars are actually prostitution hubs that the borough know are operating and legitimate beauty salons are getting ‘patrons’ walking through the door asking for ‘extra’s’. Free parking is a joke even down the quietest roads, and river walks have become gross buy-to-let tower blocks bought before even built. Gross greed. I’m not surprised the fireworks are under threat. Bring them a few hundred yards into the Borough of Lewisham and my beautiful borough will help support them and pay for them. Long live Lewisham!

Here is an article on Forest Hill Resident and BlackHeath Firework designer Frank, part of Lewisham’s campaign to be a Borough of Culture as per here

Article on Frank: