Kent House Leisure Gardens allotments Open Day

my allotment association has its annual Open Day this Sunday, usually a relaxing and fun occasion. Highlights include teas and cakes, lots of cakes, BBQ, live music, bric a brac and books, local honey (which I am told is delicious), plus plant sales - stock of all kinds of flower and vegetable plants. Plus chance to have a nose around what people do on their allotments! From 11am to 3pm. Some more detail here.


Might have to pop in from the other “Kent House” allotments to see how nice it is!


well the grass is always greener…

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If we are talking paths , remember , 22 inches wide and nearly mown - my least favourite part of alottment gardening but essential .
I’d encourage anyone who’s never been to come along - it’s a surprisingly nice day with lots to see, eat and hear . There’s usually a really good display from the beekeepers and winemakers as well as some beautiful plots of all the styles imaginable and also a chance to buy plants and produce at very fair prices .