Kinesiology treatments


My name is Jo-anne Nugent and I live in Honor Oak Park in SE23. I am on Professional Complementary course and training to be a Kinesiologist. I am looking for 8 case studies for my course work. If you have any health issues or you would like to increase your health and well being you may like to take advantage of my reduced sessions until my finals next year.

Do you suffer from:
 Back/neck ache
 stiff joints
 Sciatica
 Fibromyalgia
 Tired all the time
 Stress and/or anxiety
 Digestive issues/IBS
 Hormone imbalance
 Frequent infections
 Skin conditions
 Nutritional deficiencies
 Muscular-skeletal problems

The sessions are £35 and the appointment time is one and half hours (or 2 Hours). Nutrition often comes up as one of the factors your body needs to help regain balance and if supplements are suggested these are charged separately.

Please contact me on 07403873676 or