Kingfishers in Lewisham


As a boy growing up in London with a keen interest in wildlife, I always wanted to see a Kingfisher. It never really happened though!

Now many years later and with with the advent of the internet, information on possible locations for seeing them are more readily available.

So with an afternoon off work and the hope the rain would have a break, I set off to Brookmill Park, a short drive away from SE23.

I think I was lucky, but within 5 minutes I’d spotted a Kingfisher. It seemed unperturbed by my presence and I watched it for 5 or so minutes until it dived down to catch a fish before flying off.

Anyway, for those who wanted to see something a lot of people think might be confined to the countryside, we are actually very lucky this side of the River with these. I believe they can also be seen on many other places also - I once briefly saw one in Kelsey Park in Beckenham. Lots of other birds there also including Herons.

Article in newshopper on places to see birds in SE London Here


excellent pic - I’ve also seen them quite often from the bridge over the Pool River on Waterlink Way at Bellingham Play Park and also in Ladywell Fields on this side of the railway bridge. There are plenty of small fish in the Pool River and Ravensbourne.


Beautiful. Kingfishers were part of my youth in Canada. It would be good for my soul to see them in London.


Thanks @ThorNogson - I’m going to investigate more, but good to hear you have seen them elsewhere. Ladywell Fields is walking distance or a quick bike ride, so that sounds even better - I’ve been loads but mainly with my children which I suspect leads to a fast exit of all wildlife bar ducks.

@starman I suspect this won’t compare to the Canadian wilderness, but it is fantastic to these in in such an urban area.


So I’ve been 4 times now to Brookmill and see Kingfishers 3 out if those 4 times, for anyone interested. Spotted one within 30 minutes or less each time, including today. The time I didn’t see one was after heavy rain when the river was much faster flowing, though I’m not sure if that was co-incidence. Binoculars might help as they are quite small, especially when on the other side of the River bank, which they tend to be.

With lunch

Also saw swans, greater spotted woodpeckers, herons and lots of the birds today.