Kitten found ! near Blythe Hill pub area .. please see pics / contact Jude Lynch on Facebook, thanks


Thanks for posting :+1:

I suspect the owners will be scouring all social media and will be reunited with the little fella soon. I have shared on the social channels.

Thanks a lot Chris … hope his owners get in contact

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You probably will know already know this but if owners not found by am then take to a vets ( there is one in crofton park- the neighbourhood vet) to check to see if microchiped and put on found list. Fingers crossed gets reunited soon !

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Thanks Topaz … he’s off to the vets tmw … really hope he gets reunited with his owners :crying_cat_face:

Hi Jude68… Any luck with reuniting the little fella?

Hi Nadia, not yet unfortunately … posters are up & fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

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Jude, out of curiosity did this little kitten find its home, or at least a home? I think I recognise it and sadly I suspect it was abandoned, rather than lost, going on past behaviour. Would be nice to know things turned out alright for the poor little mite.