Lack of parking around Honor Oak Park


Lately I’ve noticed it’s getting harder to find parking during the day in the vicinity of where I live. Gabriel street is rammed, all the adjoining roads are full… what’s going on? And how do we solve it? Today I had to drive around 20 min before I finally saw someone leaving!


As the area becomes more gentrified I wonder if there is an increase in multiple car families?


With cars costing just a few hundred pounds I dont think it is gentrification.


If only the purchase price was the only expense. Insurance. MOTs. Car Tax. Petrol. Maintenance.

Another contributing factor may be the rise of multi-generational household. You think you’re getting rid of the kids when the turn 18. Next thing you know your painting a room for a baby but this time its a grandchild.


I wonder if it’s actually people parking here in the morning before getting the overground… it’s free parking and next to a train station. But that means that residents have such a hard time if they happen to run an errand just before people park to go to work. Weekends are not as bad


I see this nearly every morning on my walk to the station so I suspect this play some part at least.


Agreed. When I first arrived in the UK we lived in Denham. The local estate had maybe 10 cars on it in total. That was '86. Nowadays cars cover every space in the estate and surrounding roads.


I think that there are a couple of reasons: certainly there’s a significant anount of parking due to commuters (spaces miraculously start appearing on my street soon after 5pm every weekday, and there’s usually always a bit of space around at the weekends) - but another big issue along Codrington Hill (at least) is the number of tradesmans’ vehicles who are parked whilst doing work on local premises.

That’s the creeping gentrification effect for you.


When the car park near the station was open it was rammo with park and ride people whereas now during the day it is often less then 10% full.

Indeed - next door have more than one car as one of the children is still at home. Luckily they, like more and more of my neighbours have got off-street parking…


Gabriel St has been crazy busy during the day for as long as I’ve lived in SE23. Even before the Overground there were plenty of people who didn’t or couldn’t walk to the station and would park there.


The poor residents in Grierson Road land up parking halfway up the street from where they live. It is due to people using the overground as I’ve seen people park & then legit for the station. We find our road (Kilgour) seems to be worse weekends.


I’m another Honor Oak bod who uses his car for work. Sometimes I find myself parked on the corner of my road waiting up to half hour for a space to appear if I can’t get parked on any other road. I’m not too fussed to be honest, I knew the road had no permit parking when I moved in. More concerned about the elderly or those who are infirm who may struggle to get to and from their car.


I’m guessing the better the transport links for the area get, the more common this will become, until CPZs are the only answer. Win win for the council, bummer for the residents.

The smaller streets are always a nightmare for parking when near a station. Same story all over the place.


I still think this is the most wonderful area to live in the whole of London to park in at any time…whether being a resident (I can always find a parking space near my house in HOP) or near the local train stations - HOP and Crofton Park. Maybe we have to drive round a couple of times, or walk a few hundred metres. It’s still an absolute luxury and oasis, considering I’ve been offered night work in the sh*t hole that is Croydon, and not until MIDNIGHT can you find a parking space for a mile around to park in even on a single yellow line. If you then leave your Croydon location after 6am, you’ll find your car TOWED away (not just fined…TOWED away). And for why? is it blocking a fire engine? an ambulance? a major red route highway next door to Buckingham Palace? No…it’s just the pure greed of Croydons’ Borough and many more I could mention. I love Lewisham (as in comparison, it is pretty fair on parking). FAIR being the operative word. ‘Most’ residents don’t have to pay thru the nose for the honour of having a ‘parking permit’ and commuters who have moved here and helped make the borough wealthier and customers who shop here because there is parking - thus come. I always choose shops where I can park, I go to parks, libraries, restaurants where I can park…this all that wins TRADE.


Parking permits shouldn’t have to cost through the nose for local residents. They should ensure that during specified hours on specified days parking is available to local residents only. It’s not as if there isn’t alternatives available on Perry Vale, behind Sainsbury’s and in the station forecourt.


off street parking is the reason there are so few spaces. as more and more people pave over their gardens its not only the natural enviroment which suffers


Better still, make the parking permits free for the residents while other people have to pay.


I’d be supportive of parking permits for residents and pay & display for people using the shops on the high street


I think it got worse since they extended the double yellow lines around corners


It does depends - my neighbors get two cars off the road on to their forecourt which is great but yes if only one car is parked it doesn’t do anything to help and can result in less parking space for everyone else.
Personally I prefer to have a nice front garden with plants and grasses…