Lack of parking around Honor Oak Park


Train commuters would park their cars anywhere in the area extending east of the station to the end of Garthorne and down Bovill and Herschel to Brockley Rise - then back down to Courtrai and up to Grierson - not to mention Duncombe, Codrington, Gladiator and Stillness, which are also within striking distance.


Hey! I know you are being a bit lighthearted with this comment but we non drivers and cyclists pay council tax as well! The streets are just as much for us as they are for car drivers! We are also affected by parking issues - badly parked cars can really impact on pedestrians, particularly those with mobility issues or young children. Not to mention the impact car chocked side roads have on the ability of children to use the streets to play in safely.


Well said, the serious side is people power is all thats required, we will end up with CPZ’s as thats the only real solution short-term . I will not last long enough to see autonomous vehicles that can be summoned with an app and individual car ownership will be gone that will resolve all issues.


Some people may want a short term solution but I would prefer something that is longer term. CPZ is just a tax on parking and a blunt instrument at that.

It would be more joined up IMO to push for better local transport links. HOP station has 2 bus routes but nothing that goes to Peckham Rye for instance. A 63 extension could help here. Check out the transport blackhole that is over the hill:


It would be more joined up IMO to push for better local transport links. HOP station has 2 bus routes but nothing that goes to Peckham Rye for instance

P12 goes from HOP station to Peckham Rye station


Via a circuitous route. As is the nature of P buses.


If you really believe that parking problems will be solved with a bus to Peckham Rye? Then I can inform you that Forest Hill with it plethora of buses has a parking problem, train commuters are the ‘problem’ if there was more cycle parking perhaps?


Am not suggesting that a single bus route will solve the parking issue, rather better transport links and cycle storage is part of that (though the current cycle storage is not maxed out as far as I can tell).


Agreed. Extending the 63 route would surely help commuters from East Dulwich travel to and from HOP station car-free.


How about walking to the station if you only live say 10 mins away? :rofl:


Well yes! But if you work late, have plenty of heavy things to carry home, or it’s pouring with rain then a bus might be rather handy. I used to live in ED and the walk home from HOP station over that enormous hill definitely didn’t appeal at times.


You only have to watch the parking habits of people in a supermarket car park, to understand one simple thing. The closer, the better, regardless of cost, effort, and inconvenience to others.

You can watch people daily, struggle to park between two cars, in a tiny gap, while there is a space 10-15 spaces away with nothing around it. But I NEED to be closer!

While there are genuine cases of the need to be as close as possible, a lot of the time it is simple human nature, and laziness that drives people (no pun intended) to jam the closest streets to the station with their cars.

One street can be jam packed, the next empty, because one is 45 seconds closer than the other.
I guess the issue therefore becomes, when you put the CPZ in, which streets does it cover, and what happens to those just outside it. I would presume the same thing, they will then get jam packed.


Yes I agree with you about not wanting to walk over the hill, but as has been previously said the P12 does go over the hill. I was thinking more of people who live in Devonshire Road!


The P12 wouldn’t help those in East Dulwich as it turns into Brenchley Gardens and goes via Nunhead.

People who live over the hill in Devonshire Road will surely just walk to Forest Hill as that would be closer.


Depends on what end of Devonshire Road you are in. What I’m getting at is that whatever end of Devonshire Road you live in, people will still drive to either station! Not everyone who parks near either station can come from East Dulwich. I obviously don’t know where @AgentBlonde lives exactly in ED, but I do know ED seems to cover right down now to Peckham Rye! So in that case you could get the 63 down to Peckham station. Only saying :wink:


I used to live in ED. I’m in HOP now on a road that’s unfortunately very popular with car-driving commuters!


Sorry wasn’t actually pointing at you personally, if it seemed that way :slight_smile:️ I was just making a suggestion.


:astonished: I must admit that this didn’t occur to me. That able bodied people might be routinely driving to avoid a maximum 10 minute walk. Do you know that this is happening? For real? :wink:


Really! People will use disabled spaces in Sainsburys or park in the taxi waiting area to avoid walking. Have you been to a school at home time all semblance of roadcraft is absent.
I took part in a survey a few years ago and whilst I was a visitor the chap taking travel details said that nearly 80% of respondents had a journey of just over a mile.


Indeed, in short, (some) people are lazy. Period!