Lack of parking around Honor Oak Park


Agree, parents drop their children off at school by car, despite schools encouraging parents to walk with their children. I know as I used to work in a school.


Parents are often vilified for dropping their kids off by car when most live within walking distance of the school. But many parents are juggling busy schedules and children of different ages at different places, and many drop off the kids on their way to work. This doesn’t apply to all car journeys to school, I know, but in life things are not always black and white, right and wrong.


Not meaning to pick on teachers but they account for most of the parking congestion beside me and tend not to practice what they preach to their classes about using public transport and preserving the environment. The parents arrive later and double park as the teachers have grabbed all the spare parking and the residents park a few minutes away.


Not sure of the particulars where you refer to but to strike a balance consider this: my OH is a member of the teaching profession and does drive to work (in another borough which isn’t unusual). If you saw the sheer volume of work she brings home, I doubt anyone would expect her to lug it via public transport. She does have a parking space at work though.


Also in support of teachers driving to school: many do not live locally and may have difficult commutes. It’s not as easy going suburb to suburb as it is in and out of town. My kids’ commute from FH to Steatham takes 3 buses and 45 minutes to an hour. I can drive it in 15-20 minutes. And most of the teachers at my kids’ secondary school are there by 7am at the latest.


Hi Daniel,

I am in complete agreement that Gabriel Street and surrounding roads have become a nightmare for residents to park. There was a consultation a few years back but the issue has considerably ramped up and I feel another consultation is due and would highlight the issues we have in roads close to HOP station. Another issue is the general increase of car owners which seems to increase year on year, also residents who live on Stondon Park and above the businesses on the post office / Chandos stretch of Brockley Rise have no where to park so they all park in Gabriel and other surrounding streets too. A CPZ for a few hours a day with passes that residents can access for visitors would be ideal. Yes we would have to pay but it would be price worth paying IMO.


I totally agree @Brett someone I know who lives on Overhill Road parks on our streets regularly and i’m sure is one of many from ‘over the hill’ who parks in HOP to hop on the London Overground. I get why they do it as it’s a kind of no mans land area for them where the trek to stations whether it be ED / Peckham Rye and HOP is long so they drive over the hill. I also know someone who lives near the Blythe Hill pub who parks on Gabriel Street and our surroundings streets regularly as it saves her the 15 min walk. The only way to remedy this is to have a bus that goes directly over the hill to help serve the 'No mans landers) in tandem with having a 2 hour CPZ Mon-Friday in roads in close proximity to HOP station.


Totally agree @Tersie.


I agree - it’s a disgrace how cut off that part of the neighbourhood is public transport-wise. I wonder how frequently TfL consult on new bus routes.

It’s also such a shame how long and difficult it is to get a direct bus from HOP to Peckham Rye. It’s such a great area for bars and restaurants but, despite being a stone’s throw away, I rarely visit and instead use Forest Hill, Brockley or New Cross just because of the way the trains and bus routes are set up.


I agree with you about teachers & their workload, & their need to drive especially if they don’t live locally. Most schools though have car parks?
My main issue was as I said before people just within walking distance driving & taking up valuable places.


I agree with Rachel about parents that have to do multi drop offs, but there are a lot of parents that cannot get their act together in the morning, so drive their child to school. Schools for years have been trying to encourage ‘walk to school’ week. By the parent walking the child or the child walking themselves, they actually arrive with all their essentials for the school day, ie a suitable coat, which I found in my long experience was often left in the car!
I have total sympathy with people who have a 15 min or more walk, but as I’ve said before some people cannot be bothered to walk even 5 mins, so take up unnecessary parking spaces.


Most schools locally don’t have car parks especially primary and if they do it is limited to one or two spaces for deliveries. Secondary schools will have very limited parking. I don’t think Forest Hill School has an onsite car park, Sydenham school has limited onsite parking which I don’t think would cater for all the teachers there. I do know teachers who cope perfectly well with using public transport. Most teachers use public transport or walk locally like the rest of us. Many of the teachers who I see driving to school rarely seem to be carrying more than one small bag. If there is such a requirement with carrying such large workloads, should we be adding special teacher parking spaces on all our local roads or loading bays for teachers by schools.


Well maybe it’s changed, I’ll check with my friends who still work at a school, but I do remember teachers taking work home to mark, as there just wasn’t time at school! My daughter in law who used to be a teacher would deliberately stay at school late to avoid this.


A scheme used at a private school in SaffronWalden was that a parent volunteer (changed daily) would open the car door safely exit the child/children the parent could then drive away causing no parking problems and the bext car moved forward. Admiitedly this did mean cars entering and exiting the school forecourt which may not be possible in some schools. However, where theres a will!


I live on Grierson Road and would not be in favour of a CPZ. When we moved here we obviously understood that it was likely to be difficult to park directly outside our house living so close to the station… we live in London afterall. Whilst I agree parking has got worse and I don’t park on my street for 50% of the time, there are very few instances when I haven’t been able to get a parking space within x2 laps, and I don’t actually think this is too bad for London? I also like the fact that friends and family can easily come and stay without the faff of parking ticketing.
Of my 10 direct neighbours homes, only 6 have cars and only 4 of those are parked on the street. I would say its 50/50 of people for and against a CPZ.
One thing I do wish though, is when people park, they park to the end of a bay and not 1.5m from the end, stopping another car from potentially fitting in. That is frustrating.


Interesting article in The Guardian about a scheme to offer residents a free space in a local car park if they swapped their car for some greenery on the street.

Could we do something similar here which would benefit our streets and use the Perry Vale car park? I know on my street we have got a 25 year old rust bucket which hasn’t moved since last year. It would be good to see it replaced by something green that would benefit us all.


Please @BorderPaul , NO!
Not after all the effort it’s taken to make it available to help the shops in the town centre.


The free parking for shoppers is great but Perry Vale is used by people collecting their parcels, staff from the estate, commuters and the occasional shopper and is still half empty. Swapping out some cars from our already congested residential streets would be good for the environment and the residents. Many of these streets I’d say take nearly the same long and short term parking in a day as Perry Vale does in a week. It would be good to see some stats on the usage of Perry Vale as I suspect it is not much from what I can see.


Interesting if as you say Perry Vale is half empty, what is going to change to stop filling the surrounding roads?
I would suggest even if it was reduced in price it would have little effect, the only real answer is a CPZ, but we can continue to debate for a few more years until the penny drops!


reduced in price?! it’s already free for 2 hours! how much cheaper do you want it to be?