Ladybirds swarming in Forest Hill


Don’t know if anyone else has noticed them today but, there are masses of ladybirds swarming around (my part of) Forest Hill :astonished: and coming inside when windows open.


Funny you mention them, they are swarming up here in Norfolk as well.


Yes! I opened two windows in my living room for 1 hour and already I have spotted 5 lady birds inside my flat… Have now closed all windows as don’t want to be overrun with bugs!


Wonder where they have been all this time? :wink:I saw only one ladybird all summer & that was on my kitchen window for a while.


They were swarming here too. Apparently it’s an infestation of lady birds from Asia who are pushing out local species, but left better alone as they bite; there’s a BBC news article about it.


It’s all my fault!

I purchased 25 mature native ladybirds and 25 lavae and released them in my garden to try and stop an epidemic of aphids which were being farmed by the ants this summer.

I didn’t see much of the ladybirds after that, though things with the aphids did seem to improve.

Clearly they were hiding and multiplying to launch an attack! If you could send them back my way, I’d be very happy as they weren’t cheap.


How does one deal with them? I just unrolled one of my blinds and a clump of them fell out :open_mouth: