Ladywell Play Tower - consultation

Hi everyone…I wasn’t sure whether this should go under Event/Streetscape/ or property! I’m forwarding this info on regarding one of the few lovely old buildings left in Lewisham that hasn’t been flattened and made into flats. I must confess that I can’t believe you have to ‘book a place’ via Eventbrite to get into the consultation room, but hey-ho, here you go:-

Lewisham have announced the following consultation event about plans for the Ladywell Playtower:

Ladywell Playtower Consultation kick-off event. This will be held at St Marys Centre, Ladywell Road, right next door to the Playtower.

Date: Wednesday 19th July
Location: St Marys Centre, Ladywell Road, Ladywell, SE13 7UW
Time: 6.45pm arrival for a 7pm start. Finish around 9pm

The event will be an opportunity for shortlisted bidders to showcase their final proposals, as well as allowing residents and interested parties an opportunity to ask questions, comment and provide feedback.

Register for the event here:


Wait… what? Picturehouse?


They need to convert the Capitol.

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I think that Picturehouse would do something great with this place, but would kill any possibility of them looking at the Capitol. With ED and Ladywell they’d have good coverage across SE22 and SE23.

Notwithstanding that Picturehouse is on record as saying they don’t’ like converting existing and old cinemas.

Going back to the original topic, it’s good that something is going to be done with the playtower building.


I work as a Front of House Assistant at Copeland Park and their bid with RJK and Hillman is aimed at creating a space that can be used by the community and will open up the Playtower back to the public. It would be great to see this space being filled with exciting talent and turned into a really creative environment. Their bid also involves a small cinema and they are open to having one of the bigger cinema providers rent out the pavilion building if the community wants that!

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Curzon wins!

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Ladywell Live has a short piece from Tony Rich of the Lewisham Building Preservation Trust, who writes to warn of the uncertain future of this project:

Tony Rich goes on to warn:

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Fire Brigade ( 2 engines and Police) were in attendance around 9am on Friday 20th. They had a ladder up to one ground floor window. I don’t suppose it was particularly serious as I couldn’t see anything else.