Laithwaites Wine Door-to-Door Sales in SE23 - Is it a scam?

Buyers remorse :sob:

I don’t normally let door-to-door salespeople get a look-in, but today, a saleslady from Laithwaites managed to charm me into buying a case of wine (with free bottle of Prosecco). The price seemed good at £47.88. Can’t really go wrong at less than £4 a bottle…?

And part of the deal is a 12-weekly subscription which I intended to immediately cancel, but I’m struggling to do so online. Looks like the subscription hasn’t activated. :thinking: I suspect it will activate right before the 12-week delivery is due.

Laithwaites gets mixed reviews online and looks like a possible scam. Did anyone else get a knock on their door from this company today? Or any Laithwaites subscribers out there?

Never heard of them, fingers crossed you’ve not been scammed :open_mouth:

Steve and I have been Laithwaites subscribers for some 15 years (5 or 6 cases a year) and have never had a duff bottle. I think they are vg value , but when they phone you with additional special offers make sure you learn the price per bottle before saying ok, we have once or twice discovered we had quaffed a £20 bottle with our fish & chips.


Thanks @DickWynne, that’s reassuring :slight_smile:

@DickWynne, we got our delivery today and actually pretty impressed with the selection. Scanned a few on Vivino and the ratings were 4/5 :star:

Not bad at £3.90 a bottle!

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Good show, we swear by them! But any wine is good once you’re past the
first glass…


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