Landman Recycling Centre

Has anyone been to the Landman Recycling centre lately? Is it open? Is it busy?
I can’t seem to book a slot online so I don’t know if its shut or so busy you can’t book, or no longer needs to be booked…
Any info anyone?

When i cycled past the other morning it was open and did not look very busy at all. Make of that what you will.


It is open - I was there at the weekend and it wasn’t too busy. You do have to pre-book a time slot online, which took me a few attempts as the page kept crashing, but otherwise it’s open as normal.

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Given that it is accessed by car, I really don’t understand the need to book online and specify a slot a week in advance. Surely social distancing can be facilitated easily enough by the queueing system which has been in place at Landmann Way for the last couple of decades?

Or maybe the booking system is a soft disincentive from using the site. Having a place to take unwanted things used to be one of the basics that a council provided, but Lewisham’s setup (for, I think, reasons of cost which are understandable) makes it incredibly difficult to dispose of things responsibly.


I think there is a connection between the difficulty in accessing the place and the amount of garbage that is dumped everywhere.


I remember seeing other posts on here before where some have said they’ve found it easier to use the Bromley Recycling centre in Beckenham instead of Lewisham’s! I think there is meant to be a small charge involved if you don’t have a Bromley resident permit but they don’t always check!

Used it towards end of last year.

You book a slot online saying which materials you have and then turn up and load most of the items into the same container, this then gets taken away and manually sorted at a different facility now instead of on-site. So it’s much quicker and there was no queue.

Based on this new method it should be even easier and quicker for people to be able to dispose of recyclable waste…

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I’ve used it quite a few times. Yes it is about as easy as getting a GP appointment if you are trying to find a slot on weekends but every time I’ve been there there’s probably only been 1-2 other cars there.

I agree with others - it makes no sense to run it this way as it’s all outside and 99% of people use their cars and can sit safely inside them waiting their turn. It is also staffed to the same level with the same overly-officious staff who seem incapable of actually using their brains to manage movements, hence the difficulty of booking on weekends.

Also to note there is very little recycling now done - basically it’s all being burnt aside from the metals. All because of covid so don’t bother sorting your waste.

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It was £3 and well worth it but since covid I think they are only letting Bromley residents with proof use it unfortunately. I need to get rid of batteries and I can’t believe the only option is to attempt to book a slot at landsman way and if successful in getting one drive all the way over there with one small bag of batteries. I absolutely don’t approve of flytipping or putting haz waste in normal rubbish I think some of the waste charities have done research that shows that if the disposal route is particularly difficult/inconvenient, people just won’t use it. My batteries are still in the flat and at some point I’ll investigate whether the supermarkets are still collecting but I was decluttering recently and found an old Lewisham council flyer saying you could put them in a clear bag on top of the recycling bin. not anymore it seems!

There’s a battery collection bin by the hand baskets in Sainsburys in Sydenham.

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@Rosered I think Sainsburys in Forest Hill might still have the battery recycling - they still had the recycling box for Brita water filters and the big container for plastic bags a week ago as I used both of them although the plastic bag container was really full, But they are are both against the wall by the tills towards the back of the store but the battery recycling seemed to get moved about a bit!

You’re right about the council - I left a large clear bag full of them on top of the green recycling bin a while back and they took the bag off and left it on our driveway!

Heavens above, who would have thought it!

So managed to get the online booking system to work for the recycling centre, it would work properly on my phone or tablet, had to use my laptop.
Then didn’t get confirmation of booking email and when I arrived at my alloted time they had no record of me.
They were completely empty of other people but had to go through their system to let me in. And then faffed around deciding the exact inches where they wanted me to park. And all this without wearing their masks properly.
I think one of the guys there was on a bit of a power trip, he liked making a big deal of the fact I didn’t have the confirmation email and didn’t seem to understand my logic of…the place is empty, get over it!

Oh dear - that does sound like a bit of a palaver, but we’ll done for persevering.

No wonder so much rubbish gets dumped around the borough if doing the right thing is as bad as this :frowning:

Bloody jobsworths. I am due a visit soon, I am dreading it. It is no wonder our local environment is becoming a dump. I cycled from Brockley to the olive shop in Forest Hill yesterday, a comparatively short distance and counted no less than 5 examples of fly tipping on my way. There is a large dead fridge at the end of the cal de sac at the top of Coutrai road, been there ages which has started to accumulate its very own rubbish dump around its base.
And don’t get me started on the trash strewn around the roads and pavements. I was walking down to the shops yesterday and I spotted two of my neighbours who live in the next street. They each had one of those metre long litter picking tools operated by a little lever at the handle. They each had a bag and were picking up garbage. They looked as if they had been sentenced to community service or some such. They told me that they are so fed up with the state of the street that this is now how they spend an hour each and every Saturday morning.

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I fondly remember being called a c@nt by one of the very nice gentleman because I was tipping grass cutting out of a cardboard box and he thought I was going to throw the box in as well.

I don’t miss the Landman one little bit.

Landman is appalling, there needs to be a facility in Lewisham to dispose of waste. I am sure that fly tipping would reduce if there was. Before lockdown last year I had changed my garden fence, took a carful of wood to Landman, only to be told in no uncertain terms that it was commercial waste and had to have it collected by a commercial waste contractor or get a skip. I had no choice but to take it away.
Is it any wonder that waste just then gets flytipped.
My daughter lives in Canterbury. Their recycling centre is a joy to go to. They take everything (even asbestos sheeting if bagged up correctly) . They charge for certain items like plasterboard and rubble and will only take a small amount (non commercial amounts) but you can at least get rid of them.


It seems that local councillors have a keen interest in this forum. Now and again one of them pops up and makes a contribution. Perhaps this is as good a time as any to make an appearance.

So I’d just like to point out that @SophieDavis is currently on maternity leave (congrats Sophie!), but perhaps @LeoGibbons may be able to comment on these concerns?

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Yet I bet if you took a few planks at a time they wouldn’t care. But obviously that would cause more harm to the environment with more car journeys!