Lap top playing up ,windows 10 updates not loading?


Can anyone recommend a lap top repairer ? Windows 10 have launched some updates that seem to have got stuck ?? or on a loop as someone suggested.
Screen keeps coming up saying, We couldn’t complete the updates
Undoing changes . Dont turn of your computer ?
Then takes ages to finally turn on only for it to try and load updates again???
Been advised to start in Safe mode ,but it wont let me.
Any advise from you techie people or a recommendation for someone local Would be appreciated



Hi @bigmacca1 - we have some recommendations here: PC repair


Don’t appear to be any local companys, was hoping that someone on the forum could recommend ? To many iffy places to just take a PC in and leave it with them with any confidential info for them to access.



There’s a place near Trattoria Raphael on Sydenham Road. Or Dixon/ Currys at Bell Green do repairs don’t they?

I’d suggest restarting it to an earlier time, but this may not be possible if you can’t stop it updating. Usually to get into safe mode, you would press F8 repeatedly during startup. This may differ for your model. Google it.


You could take it into Crofton Park Library. Peter advises/repairs.


Please DM me. I may have an answer.


Spoke to my brother, who works in IT and he thinks you’ll end up having to reinstall windows.


Hmm. Not necessarily though hard to be sure with this info. There has been one particular large update this year that had caused issues like this. The normal approach has been to manually install the update.