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Can anyone give any instructions as to what I can do to get my log in screen to appear?

It was working yesterday to when I turned it on it stayed black along time with cursor moving around black screen when I navigate on pad. Then after a while showed the picture screen as below. As soon as you push return or tap mouse pad it goes black & nothing happens. Then after a while goes to picture screen.
I need to be able to log in and get my desktop screen up. Any ideas would be much appreciated!

is that windows 7? Can you tap F8 after power up to get to the ‘advanced boot options’ screen?

I’m not sure but son thinks it’s windows 10

oops, I meant 8, it’s not 7. Anyway…

Should I try what you said
Do you mean turn it off then on and press the button

I had a quick google - seems like my knowledge is as outdated as my operating systems. I don’t really know how to diagnose a windows 8/10 machine. Sorry. :crossed_fingers: Someone else might know.

That’s ok thanks though :+1:

Hold down ctrl + alt and press delete?

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If it’s done a sneaky Windows update then you might just need to try a blind login…

1) Try to blindly log in

Sometimes you might encounter a black screen before you can sign-in to Windows. If this happens, you might not be able to see the login field at all and enter your password. However, you can fix this issue by entering your password blindly.

To do that, just follow these steps:

  1. When you are at the black screen, wait for your mouse cursor to show up.
  2. Once you have the cursor, press Control on your keyboard – this will put the focus on the login password field.
  3. Now type your password. You can’t see it, but you will have to do it anyway – just do it at your own pace.
  4. Now just hit Enter and voila, you are logged into Windows. If for some reason your desktop still does not appear after 30 seconds, try pressing Windows Key + P and then press the down arrow key twice and press Enter

After doing that, you should be logged in to Windows and your screen should appear.


OMG it took a couple of goes but seems to of done the trick!
Did the control alt delete 1st. that then showed my email address briefly across screen on loading.
Then did the control button and typed password and Bingo! You’ve both fixed my laptop.
Thank you so much!!! :tada: Chuffed to bits!!!