Large fluffy black & w cat lost on Garthorne Rd HOP

My cat William went missing last night and I’m really worried as this is unusual for him, plus the weather is getting so cold.

He is a large, very fluffy and hairy black and white (mostly back/dark brown, white paws and tuxedo/nose) 7yr old male, chipped and neutered, no collar.

He lives in Garthorne Road, railway side (the 60s terrace bordering onto the nature reserve). He is an indoor/outdoor cat but normally only ventures into the garden at the back and occasionally the neighbours’ garden for and hour or so, never more than a few hours. The cat flap (to the garden at back) is normally closed after dark, but I let him out (for what I thought would be a few minutes) at around 9pm as he was meowing loudly and scratching at the flap. He’s not been back since, I’ve walked the streets for a couple of hours with no luck (he’s never been out to the front of the house and doesn’t know his way around any of the surrounding roads).

If you live on Garthorne Rd (or Beadnell Rd, Ackroyd, Whatman etc), I’d be really grateful if you could check your gardens, if you see him, please let me know - he means the world to me!

I’ve attached a few pics. Many thanks! Tel 07957183030!

If you spot a slightly mad looking woman in a red ski jacket going up and down the roads near Garthorne Rd shouting “William” all the time - that’s me, don’t worry, I’m not insane. I think. Just really worried.

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I shared the details on our social media channels earlier today. Hope William returns home soon :crossed_fingers:


Many thanks Chris- love that devil cat to bits and really hope so, too!

We live on your stretch of houses and checked our garden and shed tonight - haven’t seen him but will keep our eyes peeled! Really hope he turns up soon X

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Drivers. Check your wheel Wells on your cars. Cats have been known to take refuge there on cold nights. Especially if the cars been recently driven and those areas are warm.

Just bang the car hood before you get in.


Hi Poppleflour, starman and everyone who may have kept their eyes open for William - thanks so much!!

Good news - he’s been found in the early hours of this morning. Some smallish injuries, very muddy and a bit cold, but otherwise still my cat and purring his way around the house now. Grounded for a while :grin:. I am so relieved - cheers all!