Lawn mower blade sharpening service?

Does anyone know of a local company that can sharpen lawn mower blades? We have one of those cylinder lawn mowers and it’s desperate for a bit of attention.

good question. I also am in need of such a service. I had heard that there was a lawn mower shop in or near Catford that serviced cylinder mowers. I have not got round to making phone calls as yet. If you find the answer then do please say something on this thread. It occurred to me that these people might know which direction to point me in. giving them a call is on my list of things to do !

re-reading this post, it occurs to me that I am clearly a procrastinator.

And I have also found that if I read the ‘Sharpsmith’ link properly, they clearly state that they sharpen lawn mower blades !

Perhaps we have the answer !

Thanks folks. Gave them a call just now and I’ll be dropping some bits off
today. Sound very friendly and I like that they’re open on a bank holiday.

Just to round up: charged me £8 to sharpen the blades and grease it all up. Looks as good as new. Very pleased.


Good to hear !