Lazy Peach - Dartmouth Road [Now open]



Looks like something’s coming to 49a Dartmouth Road


love the graphic and makes me interested to see what is coming, but it’s not a good look on my work monitor ha


Is it a sex shop? A ‘massage’ parlour?


Nature of business (SIC)
56101 - Licensed restaurants

Director is Judy Chen, who is listed as a doctor.

She seems to be listed at Rushey Green Group Practice in Catford.


Is this where Il Mirto was? I thought it was going to be some Chinese fusion restaurant (or am I confusing it with another forthcoming attraction on D Road)?


It’s a Chinese tea house I believe.


Ahhhhhhh… that makes sense…


Strangely enough, there used to be a Condom Shop along that stretch.


I’d forgotten about that!


The Turkish word Piç, pronounced “peach” means that for some people this shop will appear to be “lazy b*****d”.


Well, we do already have a Turkish restaurant called the Lazy Chef. Are our new businesses enjoying some word play, perhaps. :wink:


Busy apparently - Have you checked it out? Share photos please!


It appears to be very pink.


Mmmmm… katsu curry… I have high standards when it comes to Katsu Curry, mind… will have to check it out.


Ditto, do let us know.


must say the menu doesn’t appeal to me at all.
I can’t say me and the OH will be going there


What is it that doesn’t appeal out of interest?


Can’t wait for this - a mix of familiar and new flavours. Looking forward to popping in and supporting an ambitious new independent.



Katsu on chips? Yes.