Leaf and Groove closed today (28 July)



Sorry, we probably should have phrased the sign better, my fault entirely.

Alas Leaf & Groove is what it is and Charlotte and I (and several other volunteers) don’t get paid for our time manning the shop. We do occasionally need to feed the children and that involves doing other things, Catford Gin Fest being one of them. The sign was an attempt to alert people to the fact it was happening, but ham-fisted to say the least, so apologies for that.


oh, and we’ll be back open today from around 1pm, normal hours without ginteruptions for the rest of the year I hope!


I also put my £250 in to help Leaf & Groove set up this shop because it does positive work for our library. I have also donated hundreds of books to the cause. Loads of people have done this and more. Simon, MIchael, Pauline and countless others have spent a lot of their own time for the library - and I have great admiration and gratitude for all of them because of their selflessness. In this instance, L&G chose to do something else on that day and they were honest enough to put an explanitory note on the door. Okay, so DF wasn’t able to contribute their donation to the cause and I dare say there might have been others who were frustrated by this but, in the scheme of things, do I feel let down [in general] by L&G? No I don’t! I appreciate whatever time they choose to offer their charitable services and, from a more selfish point of view, I appreciate the fact that they’ve taken on a long-term empty eyesore shop, which has improved that part of the road and the prospect of neighbouring shops.


@Anotherjohn Just to be clear, we are in agreement.


I know, @RachaelDunlop, I was reinforcing some of your comments and adding a few of my own.


Hello. I don’t come on here often but I thought I’d comment as this thread made me flipping angry. I wrote the bloody sign that’s caused the fuss and put it on @Leaf & Groove. I did it in a rush whilst trying to open my cafe. I received a second hand message from @Simon (who was understandably busy) asking me to put up a sign mentioning the gin festival and I know it’s not my best work but I was also busy. @Simon has been my best friend for 35 years because he is the the decent kind person that he is. And I know how bloody hard he works doing all the stuff that no one sees as well as the stuff that they do. And I’m extremely upset at this thread that seems to imply that something wrong has been done. He is trying to earn a living to support his family and there are just sometimes that you can’t get staff or be in two places at once. It’s unfortunate if people couldn’t drop off their donations and I know that @Leaf & Groove will be sad that they and in turn the library missed out. I wish people would think a bit more about the human beings behind the shopfronts before they type.


Zoe I like you a lot, I don’t think there is anything to say otherwise.

I also respect you as a person but you have never sat on the library board or heard our discussions

There will always be disagreements with any group, and most probably someones feelings will always be hurt inthis kind of situation.

These were certainly mine for speaking my mind which always gets me in trouble!.

Though I have no hard feelings towards anyone else and even organised the D Road Street Party with @Michael after this.