Learn something new this January on a course at Adult Learning Lewisham


If you would like to develop a new skills, improve your qualifications, meet new people or just learn for the sheer enjoyment of it, ALL has a variety of courses starting next month. Everything from clothesmaking, childcare, floristry, gardening, Spanish, guitar and much more.

For more information and online enrolment visit: https://www.lewisham.gov.uk/myservices/education/adult/find-a-course/Pages/default.aspx


I’m a huge fan of Lewisham’s adult education courses. I’m only sad that the course I wanted to get on starting January is fully booked.

So if you want to do something don’t wait. Book now.


They do repeat the courses so try to get on the next one.

I recently did one on clothes making and they are doing it again. I now need some time to put my new skills to the test.


I’m looking at an alternative. Due to my work commitments and travel patterns, I find Q1 of the year the best to commit to 10-12 week courses.

It was pottery by the way. I did a taster course a couple of months ago and completely got my Ghost on. Loved it.


That’s great to hear, Starman. We did a taster pottery course in Crystal Palace with the aim of doing a longer course. We will definitely look into doing it with Lewisham Council.