Leaseholders Saga: Standlake leaseholders versus Lewisham Homes




UPD, i finally received the confirmation of the refund. It took me over 3 weeks and intiation of a complaint process.

icase 450063- Stage-1-Response- 37 Standlake Point-final- 13apr18.pdf (147.4 KB)

Now, each leaseholder in our block will receive £136 pounds of returns. We have 11 leaseholders in our block, that is over £1400 due to LH claims errors and unprovided services. Lewisham Homes has 5000 leaseholders and counting. If they make £100 worth of mistakes/claims for services they dont provide a year per leaseholder on avarage, it is around £500,000 profit for Lewisham Homes per year if leaseholders dont check, dont investigate, dont claim. These are leaseholders moneys Lewisham Homes potentially received from us. I find it beyond outrageous and feel it should be deal with.

I receive emails suggesting the establishment of Leasehold Association. It is doable. It can cover all Lewisham Homes leaseholders. BUT it will require people who can dedicate some of their time for the association plus good support from the rest of the leaseholder as dealing with Lewisham Homes is time consuming and can be stressfull. I will certainly be one of very active members of the association if it happens to be established. It is a question of who would be those few at the heart of the organisation to undertake the management. Initiatives are very welcomed. Let me know of your thoughts.


Well done.


Sent today:

To: Lewisham Homes complaint department.
To: Jana B.

Good morning Jana, thank you for resolving the issue with the incorrect billing for Standlake Leaseholders.

To close this matter, could you please confirm that the correct bill was posted to all Standlake Leaseholders, SE23-2XB (I spoke to one of the leaseholders in our block and the person did not receive anything from Lewisham Homes yet).

Can you please also provide the direct email address of Glenda Omogbai, Leasehold Services Team Manager as we have few unresolved enquiries that need clarification.

I would also like to metion for the record:

The response stated: The service charge refunds were not reflected on your estimated service charge bill 2018/19. The bills were printed before the adjustments were applied on your account.

My comment to the above, without prejudice: please advise all staff of Lewisham Homes to stop lying. The original bill was received in March 2018 with my payments records up to date, including the last March payment due at the end of March which was correctly reflected as not received. The leasehold department had full information upto March and bill was printed in March. 3 refund adjustments due to leaseholders had confirmation in 2017 and one in January 2018 - well before the compiling and issuing the bill for 2018/19. The adjustments were not applied when Lewisham Homes had plenty of time to do correct calculations and issues correct billing. Please advise your organisation to ensure that it will never happen again as Standlake leaseholders are keeping all cases and communications on records which are also available to public and press. Another instances in the future of incorrect claims, billing, unprovided services and other dodgy activities by Lewisham Homes will lead to severe consequences for Lewisham Homes and Lewisham Council. I am also having consultations with other Lewisham leasholders in respect to establishing a leaseholders association. Your organisation will be informed if and when one takes place.

Please confirm the receipt of this email.

Kind regards,


Good morning,

Dear complaint department team, I have not received the reply/ confirmation to my email, please see attached.

I am still waiting for the direct email address of Glenda Omogbai, Leasehold Services Team Manager, also the confirmation that the refund adjustments were sent to all leaseholders in Standlake Block, SE23-2XB.

Can you please reply.

Standlake Point


Responsr from Lewsham Homes homeownership team:

Dear XXX,

Thank you for your email received 24 April 2018.

The contents of your email have been noted.

You requested for confirmation of the correct bill sent to all Standlake Point leaseholders.

Other leaseholders will be contacted individually.

Request for Glenda Omogbai email address.

You can contact Glenda Omogbai using our generic email address which is: All correspondence will be logged using our generic email address.

Service charge Adjustments

All adjustments due to you have been applied to your account. I have attached a copy of the letter to confirm this and hard copy sent in the post to you.

I hope this is useful.

Kind regards

Victoria Joseph

Leasehold Services Officer


Well done Kat, just goes to show with determination the under dog can win.

Next stop the planning review, the council is ignoring the old Brent Knoll school site and abusing their power over their tenants.


Without prejudice,

Dear Victoria,

Cc. Glenda.Omogbai, the head of the leasehold department.
Cc. Jana B., complaint department
Cc. Damien Egan
Cc. Cllr Alan Hall

Thank you for your reply. I appreciate that. However I find you reply unsatisfactory.

You reply stated that the refund due to me is £42.38 when the actual amount due to me is £60.27 this year and £76.47 next year. Please see a confirmation letter from Ms Omogbai. You reduced the amount due to me by £17.89. I consider that as a fraud and insist that Ms Omogbai and Lewisham Homes Complaint Department initiate an internal investigation of the homeownership department. I am not accepting apologies and excuses for mistakes any longer, there are far too many of them for human errors.

You said that other Standlake leaseholders will be contacted individually regarding refund adjustments. I understand that, but why they have not been contacted already?? The response received from Ms G. Omogbai was in the middle of April, we are almost in the middle of May now.

The complaint department has kindly provided me with Ms. Omogbai’s personal work email address. I am confused as why the homeownership department refuses to provide the email of their manager.

As you can see, Mr Egan, now the Mayor of Lewisham, and Councillor Alan Hall are copied in our communications as the issues with Lewisham Homes and leaseholders are going out of being internal and local.

I will be contacting Ms Omogbai and Complaint Department for further action.

Kind regards,
Standlake Point

2018-05-08-Credit Adjustment notification-37 Standlake Point.doc (63.5 KB)
icase 450063- Stage-1-Response- 37 Standlake Point-final- 13apr18.pdf (147.4 KB)


Hi John, it is not over. I am requesting an internal investigation, see post above. Ms Joseph reduced the amount due by £17.89. I call that a fraud.


Without prejudice,

Dear Glenda Omogbai, Jana Blahova,

I would like to request an investigation of your home ownership department please.

I received a response from Victoria Joseph today which i find very unsatisfactory. Her response stated that £42.38 was due to be refunded to me (and consequently to other Standlake Leaseholders) when the actual amount due is £60.27 for this year. She reduced the amount by £17.89 and I consider it as fraud.

Also she refused to give me the email of the leasehold department manager and, from her reply, it is clear that other leaseholders from Standlake Block have not been contacted yet regarding the refunds adjustments.

I am not accepting apologies and excuses as there are too many errors happening in Lewisham Homes for them to be classed as human errors. I demand the home ownership department is investigated. I would like to receive a copy of the investigation report which should be also copeid to all recipients on the list, including the Mayor of Lewisham and Councillor Alan Hall.

Please see relevant information attached.

Please confirm the receipt of this email.

Kind regards,
Standlake Point



Have any media outlets taken interest in your work here Kat? I swear I saw something happening at Southwark council similar to what you are experiencing reporting on BBC London News a couple of years back


No, but we will probably go to the press at some stage. At the moment we are collecting evidence and for public to see what is actually going on.


Fair play. Good luck to you!


Thank you :bouquet:


Sent today to Lewisham Homes:

To: Naddine Hay
Cc. Glenda Omogbai
Cc. Complaint department

Dear Naddine, i received a letter from you today, pls see attached and called you today to speak to yourself but you were not available. I left my number to call me back. However i would like answers to the following:

  • why you are sending me a letter demanding full payment when i sent my request to your department to pay my service charge by 10 monthly installments on 25th April ? However, I received no reply from your department. I sent an email on 9th May chasing your reply. On what grounds you are demanding full payment when you failed to respond?

  • How did you come to £1177.76 amount when my balance on 13/04 was £1150 and I already made another payment at the end of April, my balance should be £1035.

I am expecting you reply within 3 working days including today. Please also note, all your correspondence is kept on record and maybe available to public, the press or can be used in any legal disputes against you or your organistaion.

Kind regards,
Standlake Point


I got the same letter despite also filling in the standing order form and posting it back as I have done for the last 20 years. Every few months I also seem to get letter saying I have missed payments for my major works bill despite also having a standing order for major works and each time I call up it seems they ha e allocated payments to the wrong account. Totally chaotic and dangerous work practices.


The complaint dep. forwarded my request for internal investigation of the homeownership department to the next complaint stage.

Thank you for your email.

I am sorry you were unhappy with the clarification following your stage 1 complaint response.

Your case is now being reviewed by a Head of Service at stage two ref: 450063 of our complaints procedure. A full response will be sent to you on or before 30 May 2018.

I am sick and tired of them. When they took over, they sent me a cash payment card for major works, that was around 2010- my money gone missing. Then they offered the direct debit option - tried and my money gone missing again. I use only one cash payment card now that works - the service charge card that i pay my service charge and major works to and they still getting it wrong. I no longer believe they are human error mistakes.


I agree, each time the money is missing they suddenly can find it when I tell them the exact date it left my account and each time they try to say my standing order is set up wrong despite the fact both my service charge and major works are set up with the information given to me by them which is all correct.


Yes, exactly that but we need to waste our time to put things right every time that happens. Everything is just so wrong about them.