Lewisham Climate Action first meeting of 2020

We are a local group addressing the Climate Emergency on a local level. We hold regular meetings to learn, discuss our work, share learning and welcome new people. In our first meeting of 2020 we will discuss the progress on the Climate Emergency plans developed by Lewisham borough, and do an activity to make us think more about the complex interconnections between Sustainability issues. All welcome. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/climate-action-lewisham-27522696639

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Are you? What’s not dynamic and interesting about the people in the picture?

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You know I was going to ask the same thing! They look like they are having a great time, I hope I am at that age and they look like great company.

@Zaria I know what you meant :slight_smile: Good luck with it all, a great cause and I hope you get more people to participate, you’ll certainly be raising awareness which always helps.


I don’t know, and I think the picture needs explaining. Zaria needs to tell us who these guys are, otherwise the inference is that there’s something intrinsically non-dynamic and uninteresting about people who are old, male and white. Ageism, sexism and racism are not acceptable. Either there’s an explanation, or the moderators need to delete the post.

Thank you @DevonishForester.

Please note that moderators don’t habitually delete posts (though we do move things to moderator actions if needed). We have also already been in touch regarding the sole flag on @Zaria’s post & we already chose not to remove it as I don’t believe it was intentionally offensive and the position has been challenged by another forum member - which is better than strict moderator action in my opinion and good to see.

I agree that casual discrimination of any form is never acceptable, so perhaps we can ask @Zaria for an apology for any unintended offence that may have been caused?


Thanks ForestHull. When the OP posted the comment about the gentlemen in the photo I thought, “Oh well as an older white woman I’m used to being invisible but clearly no older people are welcome at that meeting - that’s a bit blatant!” I hope Zaria removes her comment as I find it divisive. I’m sick of my and my parents’ generations being blamed for the problem.

I liked the photo so I looked up the image at the time. The photographer is Spanish and from his other images I imagine the men are too and may have lived in interesting times.

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