Lewisham Council email: “Return your household enquiry form now”


Had an email from Lewisham Council Electoral Services reminding me to return a form. But I haven’t received a form. Anyone else?


Yes, I got this email too, and I don’t think I got a paper form either.

The email had login details so I can respond online. Haven’t yet tried this…


I also got the email and just replied online as always preference over paper.
All worked fine and took about 2 minutes.


Did you receive the paper form referred to?


Also received it… I read the email that they will only send out paper forms if someone hasn’t completed the online form as linked to in the email… so I don;t think the paper forms have been sent yet. I may have misinterpreted that though…


If they were clever I would see who does online first then have less to send out. Albeit in email they just stated it saves sending reminders by post.

Not got paper form unless it is in today’s post…


Just got the email stating we hadn’t filled out our paper form which was never sent/received :roll_eyes:

So did it online


And, despite filling it out online 8 days ago, I have now just received the form through the post.


We received Registration Form in the post today. I guess they just the got the sequence wrong - asking for the forms to be returned before the forms went out?


Got the email, responded online, received the letter several days later. :thinking:


We got the form through the post yesterday. It said if no change, you can text or phone, but also that you have to return the form. My OH said he thinks it’s because of a signature that is required on the declaration page, so just signed, dates & sent it back. Does seem a bit confusing, but heyho it is the Council :sweat_smile:


No, you can respond on line, even if, as in my case, you want to report a change. I’ve just done it, and have received a grateful note of thanks.


It is confusing, I think elsewhere on the letter it says do only 1 of the following… so I took that as the online method will be ok and don’t have to post it.


Yes I would normally just text, being as there is no change. I didn’t get an e-mail either, can’t remember if I have ever given them our e-mail address…