Lewisham Crime Survey. Have your say

Lewisham Police Crime Survey 2018 The Safer Lewisham Partnership wants to hear views & experience of crime +ASB across Lewisham. Deadline: 14th March. Takes a few minutes to complete. The Partnership includes The Council, Police, Probation, Fire + Health



Done !

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According to the survey, it seems that there is something called a community trigger which can be used in the following situations:

If an individual has reported anti-social behaviour to us, the police and/or a social landlord three times about separate incidents in the last six months and it is perceived that no action has been taken; or
If five individuals in the local community have reported similar incidents of antisocial behaviour separately and it is perceived that no action has been taken.

You can either:

  • Submit an online form.
  • Write to the Crime, Enforcement and Regulation Service, 9 Holbeach Road, Lewisham, SE6 4TW.
  • Call us on 020 8314 7237.

The community trigger can be activated by a victim of anti-social behaviour, an individual on the victim’s behalf, a community or a business.

A clear motivation for everyone to report anti-social behaviour if they witness it, rather than just relying on one person to do so. It would be good if someone more knowledgeable than me could post a comprehensive list of the ways to report anti-social behaviour.


I believe this has been mentioned in the past by Chris, on the thread about feeding foxes.

Indeed though, a very important thing to know, and certainly a good reason for everyone to play their part, and not just wait for someone else to do something.


I could definitely file a report to the Fashion police

Thank you very much! Done.

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There is a 2019 Lewisham Crime Survey (found by accident when searching the Council’s website to see if they have anything on the current Heathrow Consultation)



The Community Trigger is interesting as I have many many crime numbers (at least 11 since last November) from reporting the anti-social behaviour from youths using communal areas for drug taking in the flats on Church Vale, I am always told by both the police and Lewisham council staff that nobody else reports anything which makes it hard to get things done as it asks for names of 4 other individuals who have also reported these crimes. I have just filled in the 2019 Crime Survey so hopefully that may help.

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Filled in too.

The Survey makes a distinction between crime and anti-social behaviour, which I find problematic. All crime is anti-social behaviour. I also don’t understand the encouragement to report anti-social behaviour and crime, when it is the experience of so many of us that the council and police tell us they “have no resources” - which is another way of telling us that our reports will not be acted on.