Lewisham draft waste management strategy survey

Lewisham have created a draft strategy for waste management and are conducting consultation in the form of a survey, open until 2021-10-14T23:00:00Z.

From Waste Management Strategy Consultation - Lewisham Council - Citizen Space

The 24-page strategy document (https://consultation.lewisham.gov.uk/corporate-policy-and-governance/waste-strategy-consultation/user_uploads/draft-waste-strategy.pdf) summarises current progress and offers some data, before covering objectives, and ideas around future policies under six proposed waste management priorities.

Here is a list of the six priorities and a selection of some of the ideas that are more interesting or relevant to households, and which are presented in the full document:

The survey itself isn’t particularly quick or simple with 10 screens of multiple questions, which sometimes rely on understanding of the strategy document or can be difficult to comprehend the exact meaning or effect. However, there are some pertinent questions contained within it, so it is worth persevering to give answers if you wish to help give feedback on these ideas. For example, here I’ve selectively chosen some of the questions that are likely to affect households and individuals:

The survey itself starts here:



Thanks for sharing this - it’s really helpful to have the 6 priorities pulled out like this. I’ve completed the survey and it wasn’t too time-consuming. Personally, I agree with most of the proposed strategies. HOWEVER I think we are already at the ideal point for general waste with black bins being emptied every 2 weeks. The size of the bins and the frequency of collection is optimum. If the bins get any smaller or the collections more infrequent then we will see overflow and therefore issues with rubbish strewn on the street, infestations of flies etc. This is already happening. I also think leaving 3 weeks between collection in summer will be smelly and unhygienic.

In my opinion we should be looking to reduce general waste through campaigns/ education instead.

Re: circular economy, I also think it would be great to have a community sharing facility in Forest Hill like the Library of Things in Crystal Palace: Library of Things

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After commenting on the strategy I had a few stern thoughts on the document itself. It looks as if it was composed as a booklet. The pdf format is not suitable for all devices and all browsers. How does it look on a phone or tablet?

Foolishly I printed a whole copy for reference and the document used a lot of pigment. A print version would have been helpful, no pictures, no coloured text boxes and no useless page 24 in solid colour? Waste!!!

Does anyone know who the stakeholders and partners are, the glossary does not say.

I’m looking forward to the 3 weekly black bin collections which has been mooted as an option.

Coming soon - piles of festering nappies on a street corner / alleyway near you!

Not to forget that since Covid not one item in recycling has been recycled - it’s all gone to landfill or incineration.

Do we think the ‘residential waste per household’ can be accurate, as there are so many communal bins?

I’ve filled the survey in & found it interesting, inasmuch that I was able to basically say the council, do not do enough!

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I’ve left forest hill, but went back last week. It seems their strategy is to leave the bins until foxes eat the waste,


Or was that the bank holiday weekend when bin collection is delayed by a day…?

One day delay shouldn’t lead to overflowing bins the week (s) before.
Lewisham seems to assume 10m of road means a single house of a couple of people, they ignore things like number of council tax paying properties