Lewisham Guitar School

Lewisham Guitar School will launch on 11th January, 2020!
We will be situated in an amazing place - 5min walk from Forest Hill Station, right next to Forest Hill Library in a beautiful Victorian house (V22 Louise House, Dartmouth Rd, Forest Hill, London SE23 3HZ).
It will be a place to learn your favourite pop/rock/jazz/classical tunes, deepen your knowledge in music, meet like minded people and have fun!
The aim of the school is to help people to reach their goals - whether it’s an absolute beginner who wants to learn to play the very first song or more advanced guitarist who wants to deepen his/her knowledge and improve technique skills, whether it’s a child or an adult. It is very important to me that it wouldn’t be just a space for learning songs and tunes but that it would be a place to gain a deep understanding of music, express oneself through creativity, share ideas, meet like-minded people, connect and create a community.

Lewisham guitar school students will get an exclusive discount an Hobgoblin Music Shop (it’s a great opportunity to get an instrument cheaper and I could help with choosing the right model), free copy of ‘The Best Way To Learn To Play Guitar: 10 Step Programme For Beginners’, access to video tutorials and LGS forum.

For more information about the courses, prices and testimonials visit our website https://www.lewishamguitarschool.co.uk

P.S. I would also like to give children from very low income families an opportunity to have guitar lessons so if you know charities/organisations I could contact or want to share some tips on this, please let me know !

All the best,



This sounds really cool! Have you contacted any of the local schools regarding kids classes? :slight_smile:

Thanks! I teach at two different secondary schools and it looks like when it comes to instrument lessons, schools prioritise students who have chosen music for their GCSE exams or ask parents to pay directly to instrument tutors. However, thanks for advice and I think it could be worth to contact other schools as well.