Lewisham planning to use Experimental Traffic Orders?

Not sure that analogy makes sense, everyone has electricity… Great that congestion isn’t a thing right now, if only we could keep it that way!

You won’t keep it that way by narrowing and blocking roads FFS!

Will do if it reduces non-essential personal car use.

When driving, I think my road use would be safer and more pleasant if all cyclists were banned from the road

And when I’m cycling, I think my road use would be safer and more pleasant if all cars were banned from the road

But I rise above these daft and selfish zero-sum attitudes and choose to share the road with my fellow citizens, without having the bare-faced cheek to tell them how they should and shouldn’t be transporting themselves. I wish our trusted councillors could do so.

Obviously I make an exception for quad bike nutters and the moped mafia. They can foxtrot oscar!

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Right, except cars and other motor vehicles are objectively worse for other peoples health than cyclists or pedestrians are and private cars take up far more room per passenger than any other form of transport, so actually I think it’s pretty reasonable to take issue with them.

I’m not sure sure why you’re being so absolutist either, neither I nor anything above talks about banning or preventing all cars.

And are they your councillors? Your bio suggests you aren’t living here any more, which seems odd given level of interest in local traffic management…

Ah here we go. The “you’re not from round ‘ere” argument I always hear when other counter-arguments to my points have dwindled.

I lived in Lewisham for five years and I know it very well, thanks to my network there, and via this forum. You don’t lose your interest in an area the day after you’ve left it. And I don’t want other Lewisham residents to face the same issues that led me to leave. One of the reasons I moved out of Lewisham was its dreadful roads - made even more dreadful by councillors pursuing their ideological agendas against car ownership.

Turning the majority against a minority. How community spirited of them…

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But I didn’t stop making other points, they’re right there in the same post. I think you’ve probably heard the argument before though because it is strange that you’re on a very specific local forum debating local issues and moaning about other people’s council. I’ll leave it there I think, it’s getting a bit weird now we’re talking about minorities as if motorists are some persecuted sect and not actually just people who like having cars in a place where most people really don’t need one.

It’s strange I’m on this forum? Perhaps it wasn’t clear, but I created this forum, funded it for the last four years, promoted it heavily on social media and continue to do so - for the benefit of the SE23 community that I am still connected to and still care about.

I have a natural aversion to divisive BS, which is why I’m arguing against the “moral hierarchy of road users” that you and others have put forward to support the selfish “reclaiming of the roads” by one group at the expense of another.


Thanks for the link Chris. It’s a great opportunity for everyone to get involved with Lewisham’s efforts with this. I hope a lot of our local peeps will take the time to respond.



I’m all for cleaner air, less pollution and congestion and safer streets, but this initiative seems a bit muddled and a mix of agendas.

Things like temporary widening of pavements to help social distancing at pinch points are a no-brainer and should just be done automatically where practical and needed to help protect the population, just like in the photo used as an example on the site:

But once the dust settles on all this and we try to work out what the new normal needs to be, we may find we need some of the roads back to serve businesses and commuters and help get the economy back on it’s feet. What makes sense now, may not make sense for the future.


Looks as though the Government agrees with you, and that Lewisham is supporting a national policy aimed at supporting the post lockdown economy, air quality and public safety.


Creating a free-flowing road network is crucial to the economy.


Narrowing and blocking roads does not create a free-flowing road network.

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Is this the same scheme referenced in earlier posts above?

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The article relates to a UK-wide study so I don’t think that it is much relevant to London transport, for example it states: “almost 70 percent of the workforce commuted to work by car during peak times”.

Unsure but I had a look and couldn’t find any mention of “Experimental Traffic Orders” in any related coverage.

“Genuinely rely on them?” I
shudder at the thought that a local authority should determine whether my need to possess a car is genuine or not.
Scary times.


@BirdinHand yes exactly!

Sadly it seems there are plenty of armchair authoritarians ready to cheer the council on…

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Yes exactly.

Sadly there are people so wrapped up in their own self interest they can’t see what is best for our community right now.


To be fair Starman, any community is made up of more than just one person. I know you feel strongly about this and have your own points but have you considered that others may feel differently. It doesn’t make them right it wrong, it just means they look at it differently. To say they are wrapped up in their own self interest is a slight generalisation.


If we re discussing the tone and balance of contributions what’s your view as a moderator on ‘armchair authoritarians’ to describe forum contributors with a view one does not like?