Lewisham, your democracy is dying… but does anybody care?

This was posted elsewhere _ Illford Council I believe but shows the lack of effort. Not a dig here at a particular party - just indicative of the lack of effort being put it…


Not saying it necessarily was, but that leaflet would be an ideal prank for competing party to pull on the Conservatives… :thinking:


Yes I suddenly got that thought myself after posting…
It seems not many were handed out but it seems it was genuine…

While rare, I think there have been other instances where local politicians have printed or sent standardized communications without customising for their area.

Conservative group leader Paul Canal told the Ilford Recorder: “They completed the template but, when it was sent to the printer, they didn’t send the right file.

“When they are packaged up, you only see the back of the leaflets, you don’t see the front, and so a number were handed out.”

Ha ha. I’ve a friend who used to work in a printer. He said these type of blunders were common. Any good printer will send back a proof based on artwork even if a simple PDF. The client then must approve the proof before going to print. The friend sometimes picked up on glaring mistakes and followed with an “are you sure” but this isn’t always possible.

Scary, the Conservatives seem to be trying hard to lose at every turn.

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Thanks @kat.standlake.point
Unfortunately my name is not on the ballot paper today. What I will say that all the Councillors (and I got to know quite a few Labour ones) are supposed to be of independent mind. We will represent the best interests of our wards and Borough. As Labour members we will have quite a few similarities and our values will be on the similar spectrum. Our disagreements may not always be public as we all recognise that we are ultimately trying to reach the same goals.

Cllrs you mention in Perry Vale Ward I hold in high esteem for the work they have done so far, be it in scrutiny meetings, planning or even helping newer Cllrs to learn the ways of how to achieve something.


I don’t know - I think they’re choosing to devote energy to boroughs where they stand a chance. Thought this was quite fun (and cute):

Not sure which borough this was

Indeed there are quite a few gaffes this year it seems…

Policy goes here: a Tory leaflet template and other election gaffes

I refer to the flyers and things like fox hunting in the general election. There just doesnt seem to be any joined up thinking.

Gotta love the Guardian though. Labour it seems never make mistakes at election time it seems.


We have had leaflets from the Greens, Lib Dems and Conservatives as well as Labour - although the volume of leaflets from Labour was pretty high!

There were two Lib Dem campaigners outside the station yesterday - two of the three council candidates I think.

There was a lady wearing an oversized red rosette standing at the entrance to the St Saviour church polling station this morning staring people in the eye as they entered.

I’m sure she was standing exactly outside the legal boundary so wasn’t committing an offence. But still…

Enough to put anyone off voting for them…

Gotta like the homeopathic bit right at the end of the article concerning the Labour graph error…

Just to say that what ever your flavour - get out and vote.


Indeed. I wish we were obliged to vote.


I couldn’t agree more. Although I found a twitter account for one of the Lib Dem candidates for Perry Vale whose name I recognised (he stood for the Lib Dems in the last Mayoral Election) it has a link to Bromley Lib Dems website even though according to the list of candidates he lives in Perry Vale ward!

I found the results from the last local elections on the Lewisham council website:

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I didn’t really understand the point of her standing there. She was very smiley to me :stuck_out_tongue: and looked friendly but I’m not sure what she is supposed to achieve sitting out there.

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It’s subtle. The psychological effect of being “observed” is proven to change people’s behaviour.

I see, interesting read :face_with_monocle:. But also I don’t, maybe I’m immune in this context. I can’t see how I would change my mind whilst at the polling booth. I know before I leave the house who I’m going to vote for. I don’t remember ever changing my mind on the journey or in the booth. Also if you dislike that particular party doesn’t it simply reinforce your annoyance with them? Maybe it works most on ambivalent people.

Trying to think about it deeply (too much time on my hands) I think the only “effect” they could have on me is making me feel guilty for not voting, had that been my choice.

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