Lights at Ladywell Area

My friend waited 10 mins at lights just before you turn into Lewisham. Apparently not working Be aware of this it stays at red doesn’t move some people was reluctant to move but how long do you have to wait in end they had to just go!!

Who would you call to report something like this? Asking because yesterday I noticed there’s a traffic light facing the wrong direction at the corner of Forest Hill road and Dunstans Rd down by Peckham Rye. I went through it the day before and almost got hit by a van coming out of Dunstans Rd, somewhat confused as to what was going on and only noticed it again when going through yesterday - you get a Red and a Green from different lights. Dangerous. 101 or Southwark council? I assume someone has reported it by now, anyway be careful if you’re going that way.

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No joy with 101 called Southwark Council not available nobody about. Called Lewisham a 0845 number on there website doesn’t work no longer available. All these procedures and you can’t get through. Exactly my point about quick to fine but hard to take responsibility to log something. I do appreciate your help though on this!! or the Love Clean Streets app (which had categories for things like this) should be able to deal with this.

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Good point - yes they have a category (and subcategory) for exactly that issue. Thanks

They reported this to 101 another attempt today made hooray! They got a reference in case the camera picks up which it will and issue a fine but most cars went through. If the bicycle dude. They will make the police in area aware of this. They tried again to contact Lewisham council no joys. It does look like where pedestrian side is looks bashed in. This will be the lights facing the colourful building With pet shop to the left cafe on the right. Not sure how they are now but how long can you wait to go. The other sides went a few times not normal. And someone did shout out they are not working. Stuck on red for Rudolf :roll_eyes:

Success with albeit 5 days, but at least classified as an ‘emergency’

Your report has been investigated and we can confirm that there is a fault with these traffic lights. We have passed this to our contractors and as it is classed as an emergency it will be made safe within 24 hours. Thank you for taking the time to report this to us.