Lime electric bikes for rent

Just spotted outside my office in the Square Mile:

Electric hire bikes - just pick up and go (payment / unlock via app), no need to park in docking stations. Fair few of them available, too:

Use this referral code for a free unlock:

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I rode these in Seattle, they’re great, but the electric ones get expensive quite quickly. I hope they don’t go the way of the other bike rental companies, which seem to have suffered (unsustainably so) with theft and vandalism etc.

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They’ve arrived in Lewisham:

I found a Santander Bike abandoned at one end of Sunderland Road. I wonder if people are getting confused about the different hire policies of these companies.

Wonder how many will end up in the River Quaggy by the end of the summer

I’m surprised that people don’t go around nicking them for the scrap metal and lithium ion batteries.

But we do have CCTV on every inch of central London. Less so in Lewisham …

Saw someone trying to do just that with a FreeBike yesterday - it was giving the wannabe thief a run for their money though, actively slamming on the brakes and giving off a very shrill noise at the same time.

They’re seriously heavy to lift, so the guy ended up just dumping it after a few yards.

Not sure it’d contend with a more organised operation with a few electric skills and a van though.

They should build in high voltage electric shocks to deter people.

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