Little Nan's Bar Forest Hill pop up



Just read about this on Facebook - apparently coming in October. does anyone know where it’ll be?

Little Nan's is popping up below Stag & Bow in Forest Hill!

Oh, great news for Forest Hill - it says the location is a secret on their FB page.


It’s super secret apparently. I’ve been trying to find out but to no avail. There will be an exclusive Gin Club members discount though. :wink:



If I was one of those sort of annoying smug guys who knew something that others didn’t then I’d post here that I knew something that others didn’t.

So I’m either annoyingly smug or I don’t know anything. I’ll let you decide.


I have no idea but I’m wondering the events room at the Hill?


The Hill has closed!


The Hill is an Enterprise Inns pub so presumably Enterprise Inns will find someone to run it.


Perhaps but for now it is closed shut.


Let’s have a wager. Sorry this is a somewhat lazy poll. Maybe you can add:

  • The old Shoe Repair Place
  • Formerly Montage
  • Formally The Hill
  • Existing pub (The Signal, Sylvan Post, etc)
  • Somewhere on Perry Vale
  • V22
  • General closed down takeaway
  • Other
  • It’s all a lie

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Anything can happen before October!


I think here was a clue which suggested it was under something. But I might have imagined that.




Dartmouth Road I say :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

@simon smug is not good ever, spill the beans xxx


Underground or vaults was mentioned.


Maybe @TheArchieParker should be added to the poll :sunglasses::sunglasses:


Alas, not The Archie Parker, could you imagine doing it in our dungeon!?!


Dungeon? I didn’t know we had such diversity in Forest Hill.


Just don’t tell everyone, people will want to visit, and the gimp doesn’t like visitors.


This is what The Dungeon originally looked like @starman when it was an empty shop.

Definitely not safe or would pass any building regs, but I think it’s a beautiful piece of local history anyway :heart:

I have visited @Simon dungeons, & I wouldn’t like to cross his gimp :joy: