Live from The Chandos


Ahh amazing. Don’t forget to bring me that cup of sugar! X


Chasing away the Monday blues with a pint of longhorn and a glass of sauvignon. Really enjoying our first visit!


I want to go! Can anyone babysit two pesky kids for me? Or shall I face the wrath of @ChrisBeach and take them with me :slight_smile:


Could have done with going there myself tonight. How is it on a weekday evening @Garfield?

Lmao @fran


It’s busy enough to have a really nice atmosphere but not too busy to have to fight for a table or service - the perfect mix for Monday night! And a credit to your staff @Nancy, they’ve been fab


Sounds ideal


Took the family there on Saturday intending to have a quick drink around 6pm. Deliberately left it until after the Manchester derby as I knew that was being shown. Place was still rammed as was showing Liverpool vs Leicester also. It seems that this is a football pub and not family friendly at all, e.g. doorways surrounded by smokers - a little off-putting even without family in tow to be honest. Am not against this as a business model but this isn’t quite what I had been led to expect! Oh well, plus ça change.


Sounds more like the pub was busy after showing a sporting event, rather than being a “sports pub”. It is indeed very different to what others have experienced there, and probably not what you wanted or expected.

Interesting to hear about this side of it.


I had exactly the same experience as @Brett… in fact we may have passed each other as either of us were on our way out. I had also specifically avoided lunch because of the Manchester game. Liverpool v Leicester is hardly a big game. Anyway the beer selection looked good. Shame I’ll not be back to try.


Hopefully constructively, I’d suggest that it might make sense to cordon off a smoking area at the front of the pub.


Would be nice for the courtyard at the back to be made non-smoking too.

There were people smoking next to us as we ate our pizzas out there the other day and it was quite unpleasant.

I know this is one of those difficult situations for @nancy where she’s forced to take sides, and I wish that wasn’t the case.


Nothing worse than trying to eat whilst someone is spewing noxious and harmful smoke into the air next to you!!


I have been twice and had a great time both times. I went on a weekday evening and Sunday lunch and both times it was lovely - great beer and fantastic pizza. I certainly wouldn’t describe it as a football pub at all but I haven’t been there when the footy is on (can’t stand the game). For a pub to be busy at 6pm on a Saturday is surely a measure of success and something to be celebrated for a local business. I do know that on Sunday lunch there were loads of children of all ages (all being well behaved!) with Mums and Dads enjoying a pint.
I do have an issue with smokers outside pubs but that isn’t a particular issue with the Chandos - every pub’s garden\entrance is now populated with smokers but I guess that is a price we pay for non smoking pubs - although the Honor Oaks garden is non smoking so something can be done. Still pubs are primarily places that make money serving drugs so I think we can get a little over anxious about these things.

Also the old regulars at the Chandos need to be catered for as well and I think Nancy and here team have done a great job at catering for new and old customers. I am certainly going back to enjoy some Gamma Ray/Neck Oil/Dead Pony Club etc…


Agree with @ChrisBeach - I feel sorry for the publicans trying to manage this sort of thing, since it’s difficult to find a compromise which works for everyone. It’s actually one of the very few things I think the team at The Honor Oak have done well - but the space they have allows for two separate gardens and one can be non-smoking.

Good luck with this one, @Nancy.


Yes, I will have a hard job persuading the missus to go back there again. Agreed with other posters in that it is good that it is busy. My only point was that if they are showing Liverpool vs Leicester then presumably all premiership games - nothing wrong with that, it is just not as described when I spoke with Food & Fuel director present at the soft launch - big games only, e.g. Champions League & Six Nations - which sounded great to me, with good beers, a potential local in fact.

To boot, this match was also being shown on both screens - I thought that there was an opportunity keep a room non-sporty. Am unlikely to ever take the family to a pub on a weekday when it may or may not be a different experience… Agreed also with comments re smoking in the garden. As I say a football pub so not for me as it stands


Please dont forget this is a wet pub, one that is driven by sales of liquor and not food hence the license not allowing children in after 7p ( @Nancy please correct me if I have got it wrong). Given the licensing restrictions there is only so much they can do. So, choose your time well or call and ask if they have football on.

Lets not avoid it because they sometimes have football on.


You are right that they only allow children to 7pm. Having checked that they were showing the Manchester derby we went there for a quick drink at 6pm (between downpours) armed with the knowledge that only big games would be shown. So we did try and choose our time well and I think that this is a matter of policy for the pub and their chosen market. Am seeking clarity on this given the initial pitch.

You presumably have that choice. Only with rare exceptions will I have the opportunity to visit a pub without family in tow on a weekend. If they choose to show football at these times then we will avoid it (and wish them well).


People can choose to go there or not - from the posts on this thread many people have chosen to go here and enjoyed it. I generally go out with my family, and we go to places where it appears we’re welcome. Its fine that football is on - its just not somewhere that I’ll take my kids (and therefore myself). I’m sure there will be lots of people happy that there are less kids about and thats fine too. You cant please everyone, but at the same time you shouldn’t pretend to.


Hi Brett.

We are not a sports pub…but do show the main games, premier league, champions league (football) and other main sporting events- this was on our main advertising board before we opened and has since been advertised on social media and also on here.

We were in incredibly busy on Saturday, and were showing the football as they were premier league games. Depending on the call for it (or whether there’s anyone in the pub!!) will determine which screens the sport is shown on. On Saturday as we were very busy the second match was shown on both due to demand… This won’t always be the case!

In regards to the smokers on the doorsteps - we are currently waiting for some polite signs asking smokers to keep to the benches outside the front and not on the steps, as I totally agree that this is not a warm welcome when you arrive!! The garden will still remain open to smokers.

I really do hope that you try us again, and give us a chance. We’d love to have you back.



Thank you for your kind words Nick.