Live from The Chandos


That’s a shame, I really do hope you try us again.


I really do get that, but we do have to cater to everyone… It’s a tough one.


Nancy, I very much appreciate your reply. It is good news that you plan to address the smokers in the doorway issue and it is also great that you are so busy from the outset.

Am with @comoed on this though. If you plan on showing all the premier league games then you will be showing football on most weekends I would imagine. I am only likely to visit any pub at the weekend, and then only with children, I will not know in advance how busy you are or how many screens you are using and am not going to drag the family past again, on the off-chance that you are having a quiet day, even if I could persuade them to do so. Shame, as the upshot is a family unfriendly football pub from my perspective.

Hope you understand - am very disappointed actually as had hoped to be a regular. The only reason I had any hopes at all is from the impression that Peter gave me at the soft launch - “only the very big games”, but thanks for the clarification. I actually don’t think that you need, or indeed should try IMHO, to cater for everyone BTW - this is not the only pub in the village!

No matter, now am back to where we were and am sure others in the community will enjoy it. All the best



@Nancy if it helps, feel free to put questions to our membership as a whole via the poll feature. To create a poll (click the cog, then “Build Poll”):


In fairness this seems to becoming a bit commercial rather than member input on a local drinking establishment.


@starman I see members telling @Nancy how to run her bar, what she sould have/not have in her bar and how good it is. I see Nancy responding to the “suggestions”. Given the tone of the thread originally I think it has turned out quite well.


That said, the intention of this thread was not really a discussion about improvements, but peoples initial thoughts on their first few experiences.
I am sure another thread couple be created, or the initial Chandos thread be used to further discuss the impact of the improvements, and moving on from here.


Fair point, @starman, if you were referring to the offer of polling members. After speaking with the team, we’ve agreed polls should only be used by businesses that have paid to promote a post on the forum.

Apologies for the confusion, @Nancy!


I was. Insofar that if the Forum is to be used as a focus group for any business it should appear in the Commercial section. I’m only thinking about revenue sources for

You may have forgotten there are now two threads and the one that started ‘badly’ is probably that other thread (how do I link to another thread?) which Snazy refers to. But I do understand the need to start anew. I once started a thread on Piazza dela Cucina pizza to have it merged into an older one. I asked for a demerger because my thread was initiated after the opening of the place and I did not think it fair to be merged into a thread dominated by vitriolic posts about their use of Italian and “we don’t need another pizza place when we have BoNA” posts. Sound familiar?

With the glitzy pictures and gushing reviews it did read a bit more like the latest from a food blog. I expected to see Jay Raynor poking his head around a corner. Not sure a third thread is required. Maybe we should create a new policy. One thread before a new business opens to complain and bitch about it. Then a new one to praise it after it opens and the moderators got free pizza during the soft launch**

**joking of course. I’m not jealous at all.


Well I missed out on the free pizza and beers :grin:


Hark at the anti-football gang on here. Delicate flowers.

Am in the Chandos right now. There’s a ‘big game’ (by anyone’s arbitrary definition, though if you exclude the second best supported team in the country I’m not so sure) on. It’s on the small screen in the ‘south’ bar. I’m in the other side and you wouldn’t know. Give over trying to make out like it’s next door to The Den.

I really like the place, to be honest. The craft beer selection is a little samey, but that can change as stock moves, and it often is in such places so that’s not a big deal - I’m only drinking it because of the heat and will be back on the handpumps soon enough. Thumbs up.


I went last night and thought the natural division between the two bars worked well. I like it when a refurb allows the original locals to stay easily, without causing friction. Otherwise it can be quite boring, with drinkers pubs and “family pubs” but nothing in-between. It all seemed to rub along well and the bar staff were exceptionally friendly I thought, that was what struck me the most to be honest, the staff were excellent. I’d definitely go back.


I’d agree with this - I think the management of the pub has been excellent so far, both online and in person. I am optimistic that the team will take the feedback provided on here and in real life and keep improving.


Oh dear.
Monday night - two for one pizza. There goes the carb reduction plan.
I thought they had undercharged me (£20.50 for two pizzas, a beer and large Vodka) as I didn’t know so I told the bar chappy!


Got in there for the first time on Friday. Nice ambience and decent service. Pizzas were fine but I couldn’t praise them any further than that. Will try it again but not blown away.


Just been in for a nightcap after dinner - lovely friendly crowd at 11ish, some background music but not too loud, good beers on tap and easy to get to the bar. Delighted to have this place as a local!


I went in last night for pizza and a few beers too but was long gone by 11. Despite it not being the closest pub to me it has become my de facto local. Went past the Honor Oak on the way home and it was virtually empty which says a lot about the respective management\strategy of the two places.

I did notice that there was a lot of deliveroo drivers coming and going though - collecting pizza to go - nothing against that but I guess a new revenue stream for them


Recognise anyone in this photo, @Chatterbox? :wink:


Ha ha! Thanks for that