Live: Sink hole near Forest Hill affecting Southern Trains to London Bridge



Oh boy.


do you have any other sources for this? I’ve had a quick look and can’t see anything that substantiates this.


Well there’s this…

Which doesn’t mention a sink hole by name…but is serious-sounding.

And this, which is more so.


Thanks @Baboonery. I have moved this to the Local Services category and elaborated the title.


And we now have it in so many words :grinning:


I can confirm there are NO trains at the moment between New Cross Gate and Forest Hill and woeful information. This needs to be bumped so people planning their journey home can avoid it!


I’ve shared on our social media accounts.

Looks like Mother Nature just took an executive decision on the Southern Rail franchise…




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Oh bugger!


Are overground trains affected too?




Not looking forward to tonight’s commute home. Although perhaps it’s a good excuse to pub crawl home from New Cross Gate :+1:


Love the twitter comments. For me, on the 521 to Waterloo now then 176 home.



Also, that’s not a hole, that’s a small divot. No doubt six weeks at a cost of a few million. Maybe the conductors and management can fill it?


I saw this link on another forum
Warning - sink hole in forest hill. Two tracks closed. Consider your journey home carefully.

Then heard about the hole being measured at 50ft deep…

Either way not a quick fix and turmoil for all local commuters. :cold_sweat:


Where actually is this hole?

And is Southern Rail looking into it? Boom boom.