Live: Sink hole near Forest Hill affecting Southern Trains to London Bridge



In all seriousness though - has anyone seen anything about how long the disruption is likely to last. I realise that its probably a little early to give an accurate estimate, but do you think we are looking at hours, days or weeks?


Found this in Twitterland…


As someone now on a 176 to FH, I hope it is soon. It is 42 degrees on the bus.


Southern website says this is likely to affect services all day. Currently no trains running between London Bridge and East Croydon.

Alternative routes are to New Cross (whether by train or Overground) then the 171 or 122. I live in HOP so that works for me, but the 171 is not bad if you are FHill. Other alternatives are train Blackfrairs to Crofton Park or to Lewisham/Ladywell and P4/122. May be a good day to leave work early…


Or peckham and the p12 or 63.


DLR to Lewisham then 185 or Waterloo and 176.


Denmark Hill and the 176 or 185 for me tonight. Tomorrow will drive to Peckham Rye and get the train from there.


I’ve been out the country for two days and the place starts to fall apart!



Better photos on


London Bridge to catford bridge then a bus up to Forest hill. Quicker than bus in this heat.


Wow! Air conditioning wasn’t doing so well at work this morning, so I decided to spend the afternoon working from home. Looks like I dodged a bullet…

Perhaps this is a good excuse for the rest of the week! :grin:


Victoria to Denmark Hill then either 176 or 185 to FH.


Mornington Crescent!


Overground to Peckham Rye, then 197 or Denmark Hill, then 176 or 185. There’s also the P12 from Canada Water, Surrey Quays or Peckham Rye to HOP.

It’s also worth noting that the London Bridge to Victoria Southern trains are diverting via Peckham Rye and are calling at East Dulwich (176, 185) and North Dulwich (P4).


I had a lovely walk to the station on my way to my 2pm meeting only to arrive to see a nice man directing everyone to the bus.

I rushed home and jumped on my motorcycle and arrived at my meeting just off the Strand only 10 minutes late.

Motorcycle 1-0 Public Transport.


The reason I had mine. Still miss it.


This is going to last weeks if not months isn’t it…


The plan is for ballast to fill in the sink hole tonight, then tests will be carried out to see if will fill in the hole without sinking. Then they’ll test the track with trains to see if it’s safe to use. If so, the line will re-open, if not, it may be tomorrow or Wednesday.


Network Rail engineers hard at work as seen on ITV London Tonight.


Oh wow. I never had imagined there would be a speedy and efficient response to the hole! I thought all of SE23 would just gently be sucked into it over the next few months…