Living near railway line on Stanstead Rd?

Morning, I viewed a flat on Stanstead Rd yesterday (third floor), the top end near FH station, and I obviously noticed how close the railway line was. A couple of trains went by while I was there (a stopping service and a higher-speed one).

I find the noise of trains quite soothing, but that said, I’ve never lived that close to one before. Does anyone else live nearby, and how do they find it? Does freight run on this line throughout the night? As the bedroom is at the back and facing the tracks, I’m conscious that it’s a busy line.

Any thoughts are welcome.


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I used to live right next to Honor Oak Park Station , next station along . Train noise never bothered us , really only heard goods train Sunday morning and it was quite reassuring


The noise doesn’t bother me and the trains don’t run all night.

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MarkyMark - there is a thread about local train noise on this thread which you may find useful: