Lobelia - shall I pull it up? or hope it will re-flower next year?

Hi. I’ve loved having blue Lobelia in my flower box blooming all summer, but it’s stopped flowering, even though the greenery bit of it isn’t dead. Google says it can be a plant that flowers every year, but my mum says that never happens to hers.

Shall I just pull up? It’s looking pretty messy and rough. I’ll only keep it in my flower box if it’ll flower again next year - otherwise it’s just taking up space. Any advice from a gardener please?

I think there are different types, but I have a trailing type that has survived planted in the ground (and been moved) for 4-5 years - if it’s still green I’d say it’s still good! Personally if I’m not sure I just leave things in, if they don’t come back, then they go and can be replaced with something else.

I’d just make sure with all this rain the pot has good drainage.

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It will depend on whether we have frosts. They can over winter if it is mild enough. Cut back the dead material and see what happens in the spring. Same for most bedding plants.

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