Local angry man with possible mental health issues

I have lived in Forest Hill for the last 4 years and during this time I have encountered about a dozen times a man who always swears, scowls and shouts horrific abuse to everyone.

I have seen him walking along Perry Hill and he has been on the 181 bus.

Whenever I have been on the same bus as him I have never engaged with him and ignored him. However last week on the bus I sat next to the window a few rows in front of him. He was shouting away and then he just sat next to me, blocking me in and started elbowing me and swearing at me. He eventually stood up when I asked what the hell he was doing and I just got off the bus as I didn’t know what he was capable of.

To me he has mental health issues but I am just concerned that he will do something violent to somebody in the area.

I am going to be as straightforward as I can with describing him. This man is probably in his late 40s, about 6 foot 4, black, thin, no hair. He is very intimidating.

Has anybody encountered this man or know him? Does anyone know if he has ever been reported?

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Sounds like it may be Fritz … he is intimidating but harmless. I can understand why you would feel threatened but I have never known him to actually hurt anybody.

I think this is the same man who is often in Sydenham. Always shouting and swearing, mostly to himself but also to random people. He seems aggressive but I have never actually seen him hurt anyone, just yells alot of abuse. I’d say mental health too but I’m not sure.

If you’re on transport and someone is being abusive to you, text British Transport Police on 61016 with what bus you’re on, location, what’s happened etc. From what I hear, I think they are quite quick at responding!


Thank you for the advice about the British Transport Police

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Definitely sounds like Fitz. He is scary on first meeting, when milling his arms about, but is absolutely not violent; I think it is more about him finding us threatening. He is a local celebrity around Lewisham, and greatly loved. Once you meet him a few times, you can see he is gentle really.

Thanks everyone for the messages. I am not sure if this Fritz guy is the same same man that I have encountered. This guy shouts racist and sexist stuff out. So that to me that isn’t gentle.


From the initial description, this doesn’t sound like Fritz. He is under six feet tall as I recall.

It’s not Fritz. He sounds like a guy I reported to the police last year. Was very agressive and shouting racist comments on the train to catford Bridge where he got off. He tried to block my exit and intimidate me by raising his hand. I saw him again on the 181 a couple of times. I think it may be worth reporting him to your SNT (I’m part of the Bellingham one so will mention again at the next meeting).


Fritz isn’t 6ft 4 though

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I know this man you’re talking about. He is dangerous. He followed me once up Perry rise calling me disgusting names and I felt result threatened.

He often walks out into traffic and stops cars as well.

I don’t think this is Fritz either. He’s not that tall. And he’s got short grey black hair. He helped me to cross the road the other day :grin: not that I especially needed it…

The man I am asking about is not Fritz. I found a picture/video of Fritz. It is not him.

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There is also another man who often gets on the 75 bus shouting and getting very excited. He usually gets off at Sydenham.

I work in a local supermarket and one of my customers came in very upset last night. She’d been verbally abused on a local train and the abuser got off at the same station. She was planning to contact BTP.

Flagged up for her as I mentioned this thread.


if this man on the 75 was carrying lots of bags and bent over his name is Aston.

he used to be out and about in forest hill all the time 10/20 years ago doing pubs karaoke nights.

i see him the other week and things do look like they have got worse for him but he is harmless and does respond to his name if you say hello.

I think I know who you mean by Aston, and I don’t think this is the person being described in this thread - I wouldn’t say Aston is at all angry. If anything he’s sadly very vulnerable.

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